Visit Gangani, India’s Own Grand Canyon In West Bengal

Visit Gangani, India’s Own Grand Canyon In West Bengal
The Telegraph

Even though we live in an age of technology, there’s nothing that can take your breath away quite like the splendour of nature. In the bustling metros we rarely give a thought to what wonders lie outside the city limits and in doing so we miss out on some truly breathtaking vistas. In the Garhbeta district of West Bengal lies one of the country’s most often ignored sights, the canyon of Gangani.

During the monsoons, the river Shilabati flows through this 70 foot gorge but when it’s dry the true beauty is revealed. Due to erosion, the red clay walls have been naturally shaped into intricate patterns that look man-made in their precision. A staircase was recently hewn into the rock to allow easy access to the base of the canyon and more chances to explore. If you search for it there’s even a pagoda-like structure that looks like a temple but is in fact created entirely by nature.

Though you might be tempted to spend your whole trip admiring the canyon, the area has plenty more secrets to share. There are many ancient forts and temples around Gangani, like the Raikota Fort which was excavated in the 16th century or the Krishnarai Jiu Temple which is constructed from Black Basalt rock.

Though perhaps it might seem ambitious to liken it to the Grand Canyon, in among the flat plains of West Bengal, it appears especially impressive. This is the perfect day trip for people who really need a chance to leave the pace of daily life behind and get in touch with nature. The silent gorge with its red walls and endless secrets are the perfect place to while away the hours and watch the sun set.

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