Vulgar Is An Unapologetically Hedonistic Take On Gender Fluid Fashion

Vulgar Is An Unapologetically Hedonistic Take On Gender Fluid Fashion

The buzzword in the fashion realm right now seems to be ‘genderless’ fashion. The industry’s broadening approach to inculcating diversity and creating across the entire spectrum has given rise to an inclusive moment in the industry.

With the mainstream scene catching up to the politics of binary dressing, we’d like to clear some things up!

For starters, a garment or a piece has no gender! For years, clothing choices have been assigned under a binary that reflects in fashion shows, targeted ads, billboards, and your average shopping trip. As we work towards unlearning this segregation based upon the lines of gender, there are a few brands working towards reshaping this fractured system and answering the question, “how can we move towards a more inclusive and realistic fashion ethos?”

Introducing Vulgar, a fluid fashion label with an eye on the future and a strong intention of becoming the voice of change in the Homegrown fashion scene.

Born at the brink of the pandemic, the label started out as a passion project helmed by its founder Akshay Sharma who wanted to break the age-old dictum of binary fashion.

Realizing the lack of contemporary silhouettes that transcend the notion of his and hers, Vulgar set out to push the idea of gender-fluid fashion. The brand’s debut collection cross-pollinates models across genders as it showcases superfluous cuts, established material, and a practical approach to fluid fashion. The brand’s website takes you through three categories namely fluid, with testicles, and without testicles. A thoughtful approach that reevaluates what gender-fluid fashion really is by catering to specific body types and needs.

“There’s an extreme femininity and an extreme masculinity that lies in one person, often we are allowed to express only one of those because of the roles assigned.”

— Founder Akshay Sharma on binary fashion.

Hovering somewhere in the aesthetic territory that captures space-age fashion, futuristic hedonism, and an unabashed fluidity that reflects in the label unprecedented design, fabrics production, Vulgar Official brings a refreshing take on the future of fashion that we’re excited to unravel.

Tap to view the label here.

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