Watch: Hyderabad's Iconic Haleem Decoded In Time For Eid (Hotspots Included)

[After a whole month of fasting, observing ritual, and exercising tremendous self control, Eid might just be the most welcome traditional day in the world. And a particularly joyous one too full of fun and more importantly, feasting. With a nod towards the latter, Hyderabad-based Shoe Lace Films--the masterminds behind path-breaking travel show 'Way Back Home'--has put together a little video and other snippets of information surrounding a particularly Hyderabadi meal that's become reminiscent with Eid all around India, and the world. Without further ado, here's 'Haleem Bolo Haleem' along with a short editorial and infographics that truly capture the spirit of the dish.]

Watch the video below:

The Beginning
Haleem in Hyderabad
The Preparation
The Consumption

All information and words courtesy - Shoe Lace Films 

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