Watch: Would You Want To Send Your Children To This School?

Watch: Would You Want To Send Your Children To This School?

Recently, the government’s hasty decision to amend the Juvenile Justice act, allowing minors above the age of 16 to be tried in courts as adults, came to our attention and we felt compelled to bust certain myths around the issue. Taking statistical and societal complexities into account, we’ve felt from the start that this is not a bill that should be passed without deeper conversation. A conversation every single one of us ought to be a part of.
We’ve also maintained that imprisoning children is not the way to correct the deeper ailments Indian society is afflicted with, neither is pitting the rights of women against the rights of children in an effort to hastily placate either group. So in an attempt to unravel the issue further, we have been working on a series of stories to provide us with more insight into the world of child criminals in India. Not to mention the terrible chasm that exists between reformation and incarceration.
This particular video fit that realm extremely well. Part of the #NoPrisonForChildren campaign, it showcases the susceptibility of children to the influence of their surroundings in an amply clear manner, always subtly, and always realistically. The medieval eye for an eye mentality/ violence begetting violence is obviously still rampant in our world today, but when it comes to juveniles and children who haven’t been provided the proper nurturing or opportunity to reform, perhaps we are taking things a step too far?
We wouldn’t want anyone to blindly take our word for this, or support this cause. All we ask is that you take the time to go through all the evidentiary support we have been publishing and form your own opinion. Then, let’s encourage a deeper conversation around the issue and perhaps create a system that’s just for all. Let’s seize this critical moment and attempt to become thought leaders in a space that really requires it (considering every other country in the world has struggled with this and failed to find a solution) and pace the way for others around the globe.
Either way, watch this video in your quest to understand more:

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Would you like your child to learn from adult criminals? Watch this video to know more

— Homegrown (HG Media) (@HomegrownIn) December 3, 2014

For more information on the #NoPrisonForChildren campaign, visit this website.
And if you find you agree with our stance, please do sign this petition.

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