‘We Push The Sky’ Is A Unique One-Person Show Exploring Connection In A Polarized World

We Push The Sky
We Push The Sky Qabila Collective

‘We Push the Sky’, a play written and performed by Nisha Abdulla and directed by Ujwala Rao, is an invitation to deep listening and critical reflection. This solo piece, presented by the Bangalore-based theatre collective Qabila, weaves personal narratives and community histories into a unique mix that explores the complexities of faith, friendship, and navigating a world rife with divisive rhetoric.

While the play centers on Abdulla's personal journey, it rises beyond a singular experience. Through her storytelling, she delves into the collective memory of her community, drawing parallels between personal experiences and broader societal shifts. This approach allows the audience to connect with the themes on a deeper level, fostering empathy and understanding across cultural and ideological divides.

‘We Push the Sky’ grapples with the challenges of maintaining and forging friendships in a climate of increasing polarisation. The play doesn't shy away from the pain of fractured relationships but offers a glimmer of hope. By exploring themes of loss and renewal, it reminds us of the enduring power of human connection and our ability to find solace and belonging even amidst societal discord.

Director Ujwala Rao emphasises that the play's message isn't overtly political. Instead, it aims to engage with those who feel disillusioned or confused by the current political climate. By grounding the narrative in personal experiences, 'We Push the Sky' fosters a space for vulnerability, encouraging audiences to confront uncomfortable realities and engage in honest conversations.

Originally conceived as a digital audio play directed by Vivek Madan, 'We Push the Sky' has undergone a fascinating metamorphosis. Rao, initially the play's dramaturg, transitioned into the director's role for the physical production. This shift allowed for a deeper exploration of Abdulla's personal story, transforming a digital experience into an intimate and powerful live performance.

'We Push the Sky' goes beyond the boundaries of traditional theatre.  It's a call to action that urges audiences to move beyond passive spectatorship and actively listen to the stories of others. By fostering understanding, the play offers a powerful antidote to the divisive rhetoric that plagues our world. 

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Date: March 16
Time: 6:00 PM & 8:30 PM

Venue: Veda Black Box
Address: Veda Factory - ART STUDIO, Mumbai