Why Woodside Inn's Burgers Are The Only Ones You Want To Eat This Fortnight

Why Woodside Inn's Burgers Are The Only Ones You Want To Eat This Fortnight

The Homegrown headquarters is swarming with self-proclaimed burger critics. And while Bombay’s one of the few Indian cities that is relatively spoilt for choice with our daily selection, there’s always room for more between-buns innovation as far as we’re concerned. That’s why ‘The Annual Woodside Burger Festival’ has fast become one of the most dutifully coloured in blocks of our yearly event calendar.
We’ve been around the burger festival block, right from Salt Water Cafe to Hard Rock’s very own but Woodside Inn takes things up several notches thanks to their unique beer pairings with the country-specific styled burgers.
The world cup might have gotten over last night but the battle of the nations is sure to ensue at both the Colaba & Andheri outlets of the restaurant. The menu offers twelve different (and delectable) items on the burger menu this time, while it offers over 10 different kinds of beer pairings to go with it. Think Japanese Asahi, Old Tom Ale & UK’s Aspalle Cider to name a few. We caught up with one of the cafe’s partners, Pankil Shah, and were thrilled to find that 2 of the items on the menu were actually crowdsourced. Namely, ‘The Blackened Chicken Burger’ and the ‘Gujju Gourmet Burger’ with eggplant and mushroom.
We were also able to pick our 2 favourite choices, which also just happened to be the most unique ones: 
The Ramen Burger - This one literally uses Ramen as the buns.
SF Style Burger - This one’s great for the health conscious considering it’s served without any bun at all!
Enough with the chatter. Here’s a pictorial showcase of ALL the burgers available over the next few weeks that’s bound to show you every drippy, juicy detail:

The Japanese Ramen Burger
The Dutch Shrimp Cake Burger
The San-Francisco Style Burger In A Bowl
The Mexican Chipotle Chicken Burger
The British Picnic Burger

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Address:Colaba: Wodehouse Road, Colaba, Mumbai: 400039Number: 022 2202 5525
Andheri: New Link Plaza, Next To Oshiwara Police Station, Oshiwara, Andheri (W), Mumbai: 400065Number: 022 6328963 ; 022 6336549

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