Wild City’s Workshop For Aspiring Female Electronic Musicians In Mumbai

Wild City’s Workshop For Aspiring Female Electronic Musicians In Mumbai
Zacharie Rabehi

The significance of this workshop for women in electronic music production, organised by Wild City and the British Council, is immense. It invites women to find their own space in a new, thriving ecosystem–of bedroom producers, DJs, musicians and vocalists–driven by the far-reaching power of the internet. A two-day course that will focus on mastering Ableton, CDJ and basic event tech workshops, Women In Electronic Music is coming to four cities–starting with Mumbai on March 10, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. Not just for women who’ve found a footing in the industry and are looking to take their DJ sets to the next level, the workshop is open to everyone regardless of how much experience (or complete lack thereof) you have with turntables or mixers. Completely free, all you need to bring to this workshop is truckloads of enthusiasm and energy to get you through till the wrap party.

Who’s teaching you, anyway? Glasgow-based DJ and producer Nightwave aka Maya Medvesek who launched production workshop initiative PRODUCERGIRLS (a collaboration with E.M.M.A, P Jam, Dexplicit and Ikonika) will be leading beginner and intermediate Ableton workshops in Mumbai. Meanwhile, Mumbai-based DJ and producer Kini Rao will be taking participants through DJ workshops for beginners using CDJs. In addition, there will also be many more collaborators and workshop leaders including Consolidate founder Rahul Giri, Bacardi NH7 Weekender festival head Supreet Kaur and of course Wild City and Magnetic Fields co-founders Sarah and Munbir Chawla .

At the end of it all, if you feel confident enough, you can step up and play a warm-up DJ set for twenty minutes on Sunday.

At the heart of it all, this workshop hopes to encourage more and more women to participate in the nightlife industry. We’ve questioned the lack of women in the industry (bartenders, DJs and bouncers), as well as profiled those who are steadily making their presence felt in this piece. The multi-city workshops by Wild City and the British Council could be making way for the next generation of women owning this space.

If you’re intimidated by your lack of musical talent or just want to try your hand at a new hobby, please take some inspiration from the writer who’s ready to blow the roof off with her mad DJ skills. See you there?

When: Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March

Limited spots available–sign up here to book yours.