Women With High Emotional Intelligence Are More Likely To Be Delinquents, Say Scientists

Women With High Emotional Intelligence Are More Likely To Be Delinquents, Say Scientists

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, has always been considered an important skill in forming and maneuvering interpersonal relationships, largely because not being in touch with emotions or the inability to appropriately label your emotions to a certain degree, can actually lead to your being labelled as a psychopath. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology proposes that emotional intelligence also has a dark side - young women with a higher EQ are more likely to indulge in acts of delinquency.

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This study led by Alison Bacon of Plymouth University asked a series of questions to 96 college students and gauged them on a number of things such as thrill-seeking tendencies, delinquent behavior and emotional behavior. Prior to the study, they predicted that while people who engage in thrill-seeking acts also express delinquent behavior, they might actually be able to curb those urges if they had a high EQ. This turned out to be true, but only for male subjects.

Surprisingly, female subjects were more likely to participate in delinquent acts if they showed higher emotional intelligence. It goes without saying that young women process their emotions differently than men in the same age bracket, and are inclined towards distinctive forms of delinquency. Troubled young males are prone to violent acts of delinquency because they externalize their emotions, while young women often internalize the same emotions, which manifest in forms of delinquency such as bullying and social exclusion. For your behavior to have an impact on other people, you have to have a high-level understanding in terms of your own behavior, your thought and actions.
Simply put, higher emotional intelligence can be potentially damaging in the wrong hands so perhaps you’d be better off foregoing that next good cry, ladies?

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