#WomenOnHundred: One Woman’s Campaign To Get Female Icons On Indian Currency

"A group of men who decided whose portraits should be placed on the bills a hundred years ago chose names from among themselves. It is odd that women are not represented on… [currency] although they form more than half of the population and they have greatly contributed to the development of this country."
- Barbara Howard (on the lack of fair representation on USA's currency)
‘will these feminists stop at nothing?’
“Having a woman on the 100 rupee note goes beyond symbolism. It is something that might inspire a little girl who sees that note to imagine a brighter future for herself and for India’s women.”

1. Aruna Asaf Ali:

2. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay:

media.tumblr Chattopadhyay

3. Pandita Ramabai:

Pandita_Ramabai_II en.academic.ru s

4. Cornelia Sorabji:

resize.rbl.ms Cornelia Sorabji

5. Bhikaji Cama:

wikimedia Madam_Bhikaiji_Cama

6. Savitribai Phule:

hindutav Savitribai Phule

(To vote on the campaign and get a woman on our rupee notes, follow @WomenOn100 and tweet using #Womenon100 on Twitter; visit womenoncurrency.blogspot.in or log on to chn.ge/1JkUZKN to sign the petition 'Request you to put the image of an Indian woman on the Indian 100-rupee currency note'.)

Words: Krupa Joseph