Yoga, Papayas, Beatport: An Interview With Blond:Ish Gives Their Fuel Away

Yoga, Papayas, Beatport: An Interview With Blond:Ish Gives Their Fuel Away

Scroll on for the full script of our interview. 

I. Create an acrostic poem out of your name with adjectives that describe you’ll best.
B - Buzzing
L - Loving
O - Optimistic
N - Nerdy
D - Diligent
I - Intuitive
S - Supportive
H - Happy
II. If you had only $36 to get you through the whole day, how would you spend it in its entirety?
$10 - yoga class
$5 - raw coconut water
$5 - organic papaya with lime
$16 - beatport
III. What does an average Monday look like for you'll?
Recovering from the weekend especially if we were working on the sunday before, catching up on a lot of emails, accounting, yoga, laundry, detoxing, then studio music making time.
IV. If you’ll were reborn and could create music in any time period of your choice, what would you pick?
Definitely the late 1960’s in India!
Or the time of Atlantis.
V. If you had to pick a new career option, what would each of you pick out of these 3 and why:
VI. You can delete any one memory in the history of music. What would you do?
The invention of trap music
VII. What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to most in India outside of your gig?

ANSTASCIA: Doing an Ayurvedic detox. VIVIE-ANN: Witnessing firsthand the magic of Hampi.

VIII. A poet you love (dead or alive) who could have totally been a musician?
Charles Bukowski.
IX. You can tour with anyone in the world. Who would your top picks be?
Prince, David Bowie, The Muppets
X. 3 albums you never, EVER get sick of.
Pink floyd - the dark side of the moon
U2 - Joshua Tree
RE-UP - Nelcorpo
XI. Valuable life lessons you’ve learned from your career in music?
- Balance is the key to surviving this business.
- You have to produce music to keep your creative juices flowing.
- And always count your blessings and stay modest.
XII. If you could each be an instrument of your choice, what would you’ll each be and who would play you?
The hang drum.. and my husband would be the only one allowed to play me haha
Guitar, and Prince would play purple rain with me..
XIII. 1 most memorable gig experience till date?
Definitely Burning man in 2013!

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