The Ultimate Homegrown Valentine's Day Gift Guide


For those who are lovesick or sick of love, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. And if you know anything about us, it’s that we love love just as much as you do.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether your Valentine is a partner or multiple partners, your mum, or even just yourself, here’s the bummer — Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. Literally a day into the work week: definitely not ideal for a wine and dine, or a visit to an art gallery, or even just day drinking while daydreaming. As always, however, Homegrown has your back!

Here is a suggestion, advice, opportunity, call it what you may, how about you think big this time?! Maybe, plan long term. No, we do not mean to instill the far echoes of wedding bells in your head. We are suggesting something more fun; more wholesome. Something for everybody. We are suggesting tickets to #HGStreet 2023: India’s Premier Culture and Lifestyle Festival; The Homegrown Festival : GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

#HGStreet 2023 - India's Premiere Culture & Lifestyle Festival
#HGStreet 2023 - India's Premiere Culture & Lifestyle FestivalHomegrown

#HGStreet is a two-day festival taking place on March 18 & 19 in Mumbai that is at the intersection of creativity, music, art and design, fashion, film and photography, technology, sneakers and street culture, sports, culinary, innovation and more, organized by all of us at team Homegrown.

Here’s why the Homegrown Festival is going to make the best Valentine’s Day gift you could possibly get. To start with, it’s a first-of-its-kind culture and lifestyle festival in India that will weave Homegrown, South Asian and global talent to reimagine the fabric that defines contemporary Indian culture and creativity today. It’s also going to be a platform for exchanges of ideas, and diverse perspectives matched with the energy of next-generation talent, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. To top it all off, everybody is welcome. It’s space for all ages, perspectives and interests.

And just in case you need a few more reasons:


It’s A Valentine’s Gift Like No Other

So, don’t just think short-term. Be a Valentine icon. This Valentine’s Day gift your partner (s) and/or yourself a two-day-long adventure while subtly ensuring their companionship will last at least till the next month.

A little awkward about initiating hand-holding, are you? Bring your Valentine to any of the performances, which includes 40+ music artists across Mumbai and LA the 3 stages and 4 after-parties. Use the opportunity to interlink your fingers and flash some of that rizz. You don’t need to limit yourself to one Valentine. Gift a ticket to yourself or multiple people (we would certainly like that).

Have an annoying cousin you’d like to bribe into not being a third wheel this Valentine’s Day? Gift them tickets to the #HGStreet Festival. Play the long game.


Break Away From The Same, Tired Old Valentine’s Day Plans: GET YOUR TICKETS TO THE FESTIVAL

Planning on morphing into a couch potato and flipping through some Netflix? We've got you covered! Register for one of our panels at the #HGStreet Festival, and who knows, maybe you can create a timeless work of your own!

Are you into the ‘wax eloquent on the first date’ kind of person? The kind that goes to photo galleries and agrees to disagree as to what the artist is ‘really’ trying to convey? Well, Valentine's Day may be an inconvenient weekday for that but you can always come to #HGStreet for a stroll through immersive visual art, AI art projects, as well as audio-visual and art exhibits that are far from commonplace. It is a foolproof way to your intellectual soul mate’s heart!

Don’t gift yourself or your partner(s) flowers this Valentine’s Day. They shrivel up real quick. Instead, buy them tickets to their favourite interests at #HGStreet Festival, including Brand Labs by leading global and local brands, exhibitions, showcases, screenings of Homegrown, South Asian and Global talent, Maker spaces with workshops, master classes and much more. The excitement will last for at least a month, if not more.


#HGStreet 2023 - What to expect at the Homegrown Festival
#HGStreet 2023 - What to expect at the Homegrown FestivalHomegrown

For The Love Of Art, Music, Film, Design, Fashion & All Things Homegrown - GET YOUR TICKETS TO THE FESTIVAL

Have your very own long-term love story with art? But no time to celebrate it on a Valentine’s Day weekday? You can now gift yourself a ticket to #HGStreet to attend some of the screenings of Homegrown and South Asian talent. Everyone loves some Indie soul-baring!

You love a little rebellion, don’t you? Well, we might just have the perfect gigs for you. Come to #HGStreet to watch all the performances we have planned and we assure you your money’s worth a dose of rebellion!


Loving Nihilism Is Still Valid On Valentine’s Day; Love Your Existential Crisis

This is a shoutout to all the self-proclaimed existentialists and philosophers who do not believe in the philosophy of love. Use this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to gift yourself and your friends some tickets to the Homegrown Festival for panel sessions and workshops involving some of the leading cultural thought leaders of our generation —with everything from democratizing of filmmaking; the dreaded AI and Chat GPT, to the Indian Cannabis Revolution or starting a streetwear brand by a leading global streetwear brand founder and more.


Pour Up, Eat Up & Drink Up At Homegrown Street!

Amateur and veteran day drinkers, foodies and cuisine connoisseurs; we’ve got you covered as well! A festival without any buzz? Literally and metaphorically impossible. Start the party early over the weekend and head to a set of immersive experiences that are augmented by our diverse cocktails and mixology workshops along with customised Homegrown specials like boozy slushies, and spiked signature Mumbai Golas. Our food & drink pop-ups will include everything from full-fledged culinary experiences to the best Mumbai street food has to offer.


Never Stop Moving

If you are afraid of dancing alone, you can even come pull out some of them moves at the very many music acts that #HGStreet festival is hosting. Are you the fitness-date kind of person? Don’t you worry. #HGStreet is about to transform what was originally a massive manufacturing mill into its one and only destination comprising a whopping 1,40,000 sq feet. Just come equipped with shoes and your fit-bits and be ready to walk on. There are going to be over 50 different experiences across varied interests and creative intersections you’ll not want to stop for anything.


#HGStreet 2023 - music acts
#HGStreet 2023 - music actsHomegrown

Treat Yo’ Self This Valentine’s Day With #HGSupply

Think about that one pair of sneakers you’ve always wanted. You can always buy them at the festival itself while surrounded by like-minded sneaker enthusiasts. Beyond sneakers and streetwear, we’ll have a whole host of varied homegrown shopping curations that tap into cannabis, fashion, beauty, sex and sexuality pop-ups all under one roof. There’ll be no scouring Instagram that weekend!

Look, all we are really trying to say is that one day, a weekday that too, is too short a period to celebrate love. Love deserves its very own weekend and we say that the weekend should be March 18 and 19 at the Homegrown Festival in Mumbai.


#HGStreet 2023 - HGSupply
#HGStreet 2023 - HGSupplyHomegrown


- 40+ next-gen music acts from India and Los Angeles, 4 music stages and 4 after parties.

- 60+ visual artists, immersive audio visual installation, Indo-futurism 3D art, AI art, Type Art, illustrators, graffiti/street art, tattoo ink and more.

- 8+ Visual art exhibitions.

- #HGSummit: 6+ Culture Panels: The democratization of filmmaking/storytelling | Through her lens: women in cinema | For or against AI & ChatGPT | The Cannabis and Hemp Revolution in India | Building a global streetwear brand with a global streetwear brand founder from Copenhagen and more.

- #HGAcademy: 10 plus workshops and masterclasses in creativity.

- Confirmed Brand Labs:

Brand lab 1: Music stage; dance workshops; screen print shop; ‘tropical wax day stage’ from Sri Lanka; hot chips and Mumbai golas.

Brand Lab 2: Stay Curious box with an Immersive Audio Visual future tech experience with 6 Visual Artists and musicians; workshops; Japanese T-shirt drop.

Brand Lab 3: Play On space featuring Slushy counter, gen-z brands and hydro workshop.

- #HGSupply: A shopping district featuring 25 curated homegrown fashion brands, beauty, cannabis, sex positive and wellness products and more.

- A fashion show featuring 10 next-gen homegrown fashion labels on the rise.

- A Sneaker and global streetwear marketplace.

- 15+ homegrown and Mumbai street food pop-ups.

- Cocktail, mixology and drink experiences.


So, come join us in our celebration of love for creativity, identity, community, and everything youth culture. We look forward to seeing you at #HGStreet on the 18th and 19th of March, 2023. Phase 1 passes are selling at a very economical price of ₹1500, so even those of you in college and on a budget can get in on what’s going down.


P.S. You might just encounter a litter of #HGStreet pups. No promises, though.

#HGStreet 2023 - Phase 1 tickets on Insider for the festival
#HGStreet 2023 - Phase 1 tickets on Insider for the festival

For more details, head to @homegrownin @homegrownstreet &