Embrace Slow & Conscious Living With These Homegrown Brands

Embrace Slow & Conscious Living With These Homegrown Brands
L: Slow Pottery ; R: Kokun

We are all well aware of the fact that our present day culture demands a level of overproduction and constant stimulation that often leads to ecological crises and burnout. Multiple info-graphics on social media pages remind us to step back and embrace a more intuitive life where our choices reflect an appreciation for the world around and within us. Yet so many of us are still stuck in a rut of consumption that devalues the environment and our well-being.

This is where the concept of slow living takes an alternate approach. The idea is based on a mindset whereby you curate a more meaningful and conscious lifestyle. Striking a conversation around purposeful decisions that are taken in accordance with the present as well as the future, slow living is a radical approach in a world that is so preoccupied with fast fashion, mass-produced products and a hyperactive lifestyle. Here are four homegrown brands and experiences that can help kickstart your journey with slow living.

Image Courtesy: Slow Pottery

Slow Pottery

A pottery studio founded by a young artist, Nikita Dawar, an Accessory Design graduate from NIFT who connected with the slow, mindful craft after her residency at Andretta. The studio offers courses that teach you everything from natural pit firing to obvara firing, additionally they train interested candidates in craft entrepreneurship, enabling artists to earn a livelihood from his craft. The courses are perfect for beginners who wish to break away from the everyday chaos to embrace and relish a slow paced living.

Find them here.

Image Courtesy: Kokun


Kokun, inspired by the word cocoon (to envelop in a protective or comforting way) is the brainchild of designer Mridu Mehra who hopes to make handloom a lifestyle. The young visionary is passionate about preserving diminishing arts and cultures. Intrigued by prehistoric cave paintings and handmade artistry, she combines the two through different weaves. The label seeks to create wholesome pieces which are an extension of nature and hence easy on the skin and the earth. The clothing is wearable and has a low impact on the environment, further encouraging thoughtful consumerism.

Find them here.

Image Courtesy: KAR Conscious Living

KAR Conscious Living

Aimed at elevating and bringing ancient Indian techniques like block printing and embroidery to the forefront. The brand has a special focus on Indian heritage and the craftsmen that are able to make it all happen. The three founders of KAR, Jessica Marwah, Meenu Marwah and Akash Gulati, conceptualised the brand based on their first love, textiles. Their conscious and refined home furnishings integrate an understanding of nature by providing eco-friendly products to the consumers. Additionally with the use of warm neutrals & lightly textured textiles, their collections embrace contemporary styles while retaining the core elements that continue to make Indian fabric a worldwide phenomenon.

Find them here.

Image Courtesy: Mandala Retreat Home

Mandala Retreat Home

Offering a one of a kind experience, the Mandala Retreat Home is nestled in a small Himalayan village called Rod Goan near Devprayag; the birthplace of the Mother Ganga. The founders believe that this land is a place for deeper exploration and invite you to withdraw from the world and seek a space of stillness and minimal distraction. Playing with the concept of five senses, vision, scent, touch, sound and taste, they have crafted unique experiences that offer a deep sensory awareness. The space also encourages visitors to follow their own intuitive flow in designing the days by weaving in elements of both self designed and facilitated rituals.

Find them here.

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