#HGDrop: Homegrown Stationery Brand’s Journals With Old School Aesthetics

#HGDrop: Homegrown Stationery Brand’s Journals With Old School Aesthetics

Journaling is the practice of writing down what you feel to distance yourself from a problem and gain perspective. It allows people to vent and is used by many suffering from anxiety and depression.

Patrika is a premium stationery and wellness tools brand with an aesthetic that highlights and showcases the India that founder Mansha Kaur loves.

Patrika was started as a natural extension of Kaur’s podcast called ‘Heart On My Sleeve’ that delved into the self-improvement & mental health space.

‘While the podcast helped with awareness around topics that are taboo and was a wonderful way to show people that they’re not alone in their fears and insecurities, it didn’t seem like enough on its own,’ says Kaur. ‘In my personal experience, reading a book or listening to a podcast, regardless of how great they are, may help me feel better or introspect in the moment. However, ask me a week later, and rarely will I recall the saying or words and that feeling of comfort is long gone.’

Kaur adds, ‘I’ve spent the last few years thinking about how I can make those learnings a mainstay in my life and the only thing that’s helped me is my daily practice of journaling - sometimes in its raw form and sometimes through prompts and exercises. This coupled with my love for intricate aesthetics and my somewhat old-school thought process - where I find that feeling of putting pen to paper irreplaceable, lead to the birth of Patrika.’

The brand offers love letters to give to yourself as well notebooks for journaling, all of which have a delightfully dated aesthetic with either a posted letter feel or a set of floral motifs.

You can checkout their products here.

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