#HGDrop: Seva Home Collection's Luxury Candles Merge Art, History, and Compassion

These candles pay a beautiful ode to India's illustrious past.
These candles pay a beautiful ode to India's illustrious past.Seva Home Collection

The candle industry in India is experiencing a rekindling, with a fresh wave of brands emerging, many of which were sparked into existence during the home decor boom of the pandemic.

Unveiled at the Kathiawada House in Mumbai, Seva Home Collection's Maharaja & Maharani limited edition joins the ranks of lavish collectibles, harking back to an era when even the most everyday objects were crafted with care and creativity. Reinterpreting the quaint opulence of rare matchbox labels like A.E Matcheswala, their latest wooden candles capture the essence of nostalgia, transporting us to a time when lighting a match to illuminate a room was a small but significant act.

What makes these candles truly exceptional is the collaboration with the world-famous artist and sculptor, Suryakant Lokhande. His artistic oeuvre is renowned for its intricate details, drawing inspiration from Indian traditions, mythology and historical figures. Whether it be his pop-culture inspired revisionism of the Last Supper or his risqué Imperishable Sweetness series, Lokhande's post-modernism conjures up a visual language uniquely his own. His dedication to reviving India's heritage, especially when designing the Maharaja and Maharani candles, instantiates a consummate ability to merge art with functional objects.

Arushi Agarwal's commitment to social impact sets her apart in the world of business.
Arushi Agarwal's commitment to social impact sets her apart in the world of business.Elle Decor India

Seva Home Collection was born out of Arushi's desire to merge her artistic inclinations with her commitment to social responsibility. She envisioned a brand that would not only offer sophisticated scents but also empower underprivileged women through skill development. The business owner asserts that they have chosen a compassionate method for recruiting their workforce, relying on referrals and the candle-making instructor who has a direct connection with women seeking employment opportunities.

Arushi Agarwal's journey as the CEO of Seva Home Collection is a testament to the power of combining passion, purpose, and entrepreneurship. The luxury brand's unique philanthropic initiative, wherein a portion of proceeds goes towards providing free cataract surgeries to Adivasi patients, reflects her dedication to giving back to society. Given the limited healthcare access in remote regions, Seva has forged a collaborative alliance with the Samta Foundation, a group that has successfully completed more than 400,000 surgical procedures to date.

These candles embody our fascination with Indian royalty.
These candles embody our fascination with Indian royalty.Seva Home Collection

The Maharaja candle features a suffusion of peppermint, coriander, geranium, neroli, sandalwood, cedar with a hint of tobacco. Meanwhile, the Maharani candle offers top notes of red currant, middle notes of oakwood and base notes of white musk. Seva Home Collection's collaboration with Suryakant Lokhande for their unique wooden candles represent a fusion of craftsmanship and purpose that is both captivating and commendable. In an age where products are often mass-produced and devoid of meaning, these candles stand out as a symbol of thoughtfulness and innovation.

You can shop for their limited collection here.

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