#HGSupply: Get Your Hands On Digging In India x Maachisman's Framed Vintage Matchbox Drop

#HGSupply: Get Your Hands On Digging In India x Maachisman's Framed Vintage Matchbox Drop
Digging In India x Maachis

Digging In India boasts a curated selection of vinyl records, the kind that make any music enthusiast's heart skip a beat. Stepping inside, you'll find a treasure trove of things about and beyond music – a world of vintage collectibles that tell a unique story about India's past. 

This unique blend of passions comes courtesy of a special collaboration between Digging In India, the brainchild of DJ and vinyl curator Nishant Mittal, and Mukul Mittal, a Delhi-based collector with a fascination for a rather unexpected treasure: vintage Indian matchboxes

Mukul Mittal, who goes by the moniker 'Maachis Man', has curated a collection of over 2,000 matchboxes. In the process of pursuing this collection, he has also become a storyteller. On social media, he breathes life into his finds, posting photographs of matchboxes against the backdrops where he discovered them. The captions that accompany these images are more than just descriptions – they're snippets of history, personal anecdotes woven into the narrative of a seemingly mundane object. 

Over the years I realised there is some method to the madness when it comes to matchbox art. The boxes of yesteryears were full of mythological & religious figures, beautiful women and the freedom struggle. They gave way to household items, animals, flowers and fruits.

Mukul Mittal

For Mukul, the thrill of the hunt is paramount. Being on the road and traveling, this insatiable curiosity for the next forgotten matchbox waiting to be rediscovered. This shared passion for the curious and the forgotten is what sparked the exciting collaboration between Digging In India and Maachis Man. The result is a limited-time offering of framed vintage Indian matchboxes. Each frame houses an original piece of India's social and cultural history.

I hope the framed matchbox art becomes a conversation starter and the humble matchbox finds a place of its own and doesn’t end up as another kitsch.
Mukul Mittal

The collaboration offers a delightful convergence of aesthetics. The warmth and crackle of vinyl records find a unique counterpoint in the faded charm of these vintage matchboxes. Digging In India's latest offering is a must-see. You can check out the store or buy here.