MELT's Fluid, Customizable Designs Capture The Chaos Of Human Experience

MELT's Fluid, Customizable Designs Capture The Chaos Of Human Experience
MELT Jewellery

Melt is a UK-based new-age jewellery brand that embodies the complexity & fluidity of the human experience through experimenting with form and shape in its designs. Drawing influences from fantasy dreamscapes and surrealism like 'Alice in the Wonderland' with the contrasting monotonous things like a beer-bottle cap, it was founded by South Asian designers, Prachi Jain and Shrishti Lohia.

The name of the brand also comes from the fusion of different cultural and the creative experiences of the designers as South Asians living in London — a melting pot of cultures.

“There are those few moments in life when you feel this specific sensation- like all your senses are dancing, like a wave of euphoria has gone from the top of your head to your stomach for only a split second. That satisfying sensation, when you can almost feel that there is a soul within you- is what I wanted to capture and evoke through our designs” explains Prachi Jain, to All Within Magazine.

The brand offers a distinctive range of earrings, rings, pendants and chains, each made from 925 sterling silver and designed to replicate a fluid molten aesthetic. Ensuring fair trade, the crystals are sourced in ethical, green conditions and the pieces are inlaid with natural gemstones from all over the world designed and created in London.

MELT has dropped its fully customisable collection called 'THE CUSTOM SHOP, that;s been 2 years in the making; introducing an innovative mechanism and giving us the ability to both create and customize our own piece of jewellery. It offers over a 100 combinations of a crown head and a crystal bullet which can be separated and changed. Through this collectionm the brand wants us to take a more sustainable approach to buying our jewellery where don't just wear it for a while and toss it away. It gives us a way to rearrange and redesign our pieces.

MELT aims to challenge the way jewellery has always existed. It represents the ever-changing nature of human identity and the fluidity of existence. Where jewellery with intricate, geometry is viewed as superior, this brand brings a more modern and chaotic ethos of expression. Even its tagline is a poetic extension of its dream-like aesthetics —

"We all melt here."

Check out MELT jewellery here.

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