The Gender Fluid Indian Jewellery Brand Intertwining Fantasy & Functionality

The Gender Fluid Indian Jewellery Brand Intertwining Fantasy & Functionality

If you’re a fan of the finer things in life, eye-catching wearables are probably a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Deeply entrenched in cultural expression and epochal experimentation, the House of Gigai has caught the industry’s attention with its expertly crafted line of jewellery and perfect indulgent pieces.

Gigai was co-founded by Devika Rao & Mathang Thyagaraj, who combined their arts of industrial product design and animation, to create a hybrid fashion vernacular of a new culture with epochal experiments.

Considered a new age multi-disciplinary label, Gigbai makes a strong case for a collaborative approach to jewellery making, one in which ancient crafts intersect with innovative technology and contemporary techniques.

Accorindg to the brand, “A Gigai is an encasement for the soul, enabling it to interact with the physical world.” Its narratives revolve around unearthing a deeper connection within that ultimately translates into visual and tactile forms.

The label creates pieces that are an interplay of functionality and finesse in a bid to introduce Indian audiences to the endless possibilities of genre-bending jewellery. Steely hoops, minimalist bracelets and bond rings are some of our top picks from the label.

Exclusively creating accessories that are audacious modern relics of one’s stories and fantasies, Gigai’s craft meets technology creations have garnered massive support from buyers and collectors alike.

“With a focus on reinventing indigenous crafts with technology, The vernacular of the brand is a symbiotic relationship between geometric expression and nature’s organic form, flavoured with fantasy,” reads the brand’s manifesto.

It’s only right to claim that Gigai is part of the new crop of gender-fluid brands popularizing the notion that accessorizing is for everybody!

View the label here.

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