The Green Fix: 3 Homegrown Zero-Waste Skin & Hair Care Brands

The Green Fix: 3 Homegrown Zero-Waste Skin & Hair Care Brands
(L): The Switch Fix (R): Himalayan Origins

As talks of a sustainable lifestyle gain momentum in a day and age where the future of the planet seems uncertain, adopting a lifestyle that limits plastic consumption and focuses on waste management seems like that bit of individual effort we can do to save the planet. This is no way condones or absolves big corporations of responsibility, who are the real and major cause of the crisis we face today.

Offering a range of zero-waste skincare and haircare products are these three homegrown brands, that we love and think you should check out.

Handmade in Mumbai, Bombay Foamery is a zero-waste and plant based skincare and haircare brand that uses a range of natural and organic products in their formulates. The brand offers a variety of products ranging from shampoo bars made of moringa, hibiscus, amla, onion seed oil, muleti and bringraj among other known materials good for your hair; body scrubs, body butters and lip scrubs.

In an interview with Brown Living, founder Neetu Venkateshaiah explained how the homegrown brand makes small batches in a sustainable fashion with community inclusion at its core, she said, “Bombay Foamery is completely plastic free in its making, packing & shipping. Our shipping corrugated boxes are used & re-pressed boxes from small vendors. We use innovative containers made from wheat and corn husk which is completely bio-degradable. Our packing consists of used paper crates from roadside fruit and egg vendors. All our gift hampers are weaved baskets from road side vendors and reused old sarees into tote /cloth bags.”

Check out their products here.

In a quest for a plastic free and chemical free life, sister-duo of environmentalist and a wildlife photographer Neha Parmar and a leading digital marketing expert Somya Parmar decided to start a zero-waste brand out of the foothills of the Himalayas.

The women-owned startup offers a range of sustainable skincare and haircare products that are made from natural and organic materials while also being packaged in paper or glass to eliminate plastic waste from your routine. HG recommends trying out their shampoo and conditioner bars for a zero-waste hair care routine.

Check out their products here.

Offering clean, conscious, and effective fixes for your scalp, hair, skin and the planet is The Switch Fix, a homegrown brand offering plant-based care that is rooted in science. Their mission is simple, “we’re bringing sexy hair back with plant-based personal care formulated to fight damaging signs of climate change.”

Among their best known products are the shampoo bars that are vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and non-polluting. Shampoo bars are known to be much better for the environment and a lot less toxic, so maybe it’s time you make the switch.

Check out their products here.

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