'The Spice Box' Is A Picturebook Sensory Celebration Of Food, Heritage, & Tradition

'The Spice Box' is a tale that not only entertains children but also subtly educates them about their cultural roots.
'The Spice Box' is a tale that not only entertains children but also subtly educates them about their cultural roots.Sandhya Prabhat

For many of us growing up in India, childhood memories are filled with the sight of everyday containers repurposed into spice boxes. Discarded biscuit tins and colourful chocolate boxes sitting on kitchen shelves; their contents a far cry from the sugary treats they once held. As children, we'd excitedly reach for these boxes, only to be met with the warm, pungent aroma of turmeric, coriander, and cloves.

These unassuming spice boxes, passed down through generations, are more than just functional kitchenware. They are vessels of tradition, holding within them not just flavourings but also stories and memories. It would have been a true gift to encounter such stories that celebrate inherent Indian culture as children. Reading such stories would have felt like a warm hug; a way to connect with our heritage on a personal level.

Today's children have the privilege of growing up in a world brimming with access to multicultural literature. These books offer a window into different cultures; fostering a sense of connection and belonging. Stories that celebrate heritage and traditions are especially important as they bridge the gap between generations and create a sense of shared identity.

The children's picture book, 'The Spice Box', captures the essence of this cultural touchstone. The story revolves around a young boy named Rishi, who is eager to cook with his father using their family's heirloom spice box. But this spice box represents much more than just a collection of ingredients; it is a treasure chest overflowing with stories of his family's past.

As Rishi delves deeper into the history of the spice box, he learns about his ancestors and their journeys. The book portrays the spice box as a symbol of family, tradition, and the enduring power of heritage. 'The Spice Box' is a tale that not only entertains children but also subtly educates them about their cultural roots. It's a reminder of the importance of preserving traditions and the special bond that food creates within families.

This picture book is woven with the threads of food, family, and tradition. The illustrations, by Sandhya Prabhat, are nothing short of spectacular. Each page bursts with life; capturing the warmth of Indian culture and the love that permeates the story. The reader is transported to bustling kitchens, filled with the enticing sizzle of spices hitting hot oil and tables overflowing with colorful dishes.

Meera Sriram's evocative words paint a picture so vivid, you can almost smell the heady fragrance of freshly ground spices and taste the comforting warmth of Paati's (grandmother's) potato curry. The backmatter adds another layer of depth; providing fascinating details about the traditional Indian spice box and the spices it holds. It even includes the very recipe for Paati's potato curry; inviting readers to recreate a taste of the story in their own kitchens.

Sriram, who herself grew up in India, brings a touch of authenticity to the narrative. Her personal connection to the culture shines through in every line, making 'The Spice Box' a celebration of heritage that resonates across generations. This book is a perfect example of how intergenerational stories can bridge cultures and create a sense of belonging. It's a testament to the power of food, family, and tradition and weaves a tapestry of love and connection that transcends time and distance.

Meera Sriram and Sandhya Prabhat have also collaborated to create 'A Garden in My Hands', a touching picture book that celebrates the custom of applying henna for special occasions. Through a mother and daughter sharing family memories and stories, the book evokes the sweet smell of henna and reminds us of the stories we all carry; filling readers with pride in their faraway homes across the world.

For anyone seeking heartwarming stories that celebrate cultural identity and the enduring bonds of family, these picture books are a must-read. They're a delightful exploration of heritage; perfect for children and adults alike.