Yours Concretely: Handcrafted & Sustainable Concrete Home Decor

Yours Concretely: Handcrafted & Sustainable Concrete Home Decor
Yours Concretely

Design is an inherent part of the spaces that we occupy and it in many ways defines who we are as people. The personality of a home is thus in many ways a reflection of our personalities and the kind of aesthetic we like. In the past few years, we’ve seen many homegrown home decor brands realize this and this has resulted in unique, contemporary and innovative brands coming to the market. The latest on our radar is a contemporary Indian home and lifestyle brand, Yours Concretely which is the brainchild of Poorva Ajmera, a concrete designer.

An avant-garde and aesthetic innovation home decor brand, what makes Yours Concretely stand out is its exquisite and timeless products that are made entirely out of concrete and cement. Giving the homegrown home decor scene a sustainable spin, their products add a touch of chic to your working and living space with each product being individually designed and hand-poured by their craftsmen.

They offer a wide range of products that include planters, clocks, furniture, lamps and home essentials among other things. Among the first in the Indian scene to use concrete and cement, theirs is a novel concept that will give your home the quintessentially stylish upgrade it needs.

Check them out here.

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