10 Unreal Alibaug Homes We'd Like To Break Into This Weekend


A little bit of escapism never hurt anyone. Alibaug is every Mumbaikar’s escapist paradise - always just a ferry ride away, waiting for you to pack your bags and head over to whenever a long weekend is in sight. With these properties we’ve picked out for you in this piece though, the escapist complex acquires an added dimension because this isn’t about the budget or whether you have the time/energy/inclination to get on that ferry - this is an ode to the gorgeous architecture and amenities that we love to fantasise about. Around Alibaug lie a couple of lesser known beaches that are equally - if not more - enticing and we combed them all to take you this dreamy, virtual journey.

Join us in ogling at these jaw-dropping properties around Alibaug that are an admirable feat in hospitality and architecture alike. Before the monsoons hit and the ferries stop, of course. 

Sprawled over 5 acres of land, Nine Palm is located in premium Awas village, a mere 15-minute drive from Mandwa Jetty. Surrounded by a manicured lawn, it’s a stone’s throw from the Awas beach, stretching on to Mandwa and Kihim beaches respectively. There’s hammocks, a private pool and an open air jacuzzi - and there’s even a village-style swing suspended from a tree along with a family lounge. Check this out for more details.

This cottage adds a new dimension to the sweet call of isolation, nestled in a secluded corner of a 6-acre farm-style estate with a pool that’s to die for and football field to boot. A front and rear verandah, a spacious room with air-conditioning and a rustic tub makes this seem like the perfect place for some no-nonsense downtime. If this one’s caught your fancy, here are more details.

Although designed in a modern minimalistic Mediterranean style, the structure is ensconced in a lush tropical landscape. The property comprises of large suite rooms, a swimming pool and a full service spa - best of all, it is only a short walk away from the beach.

IV. Firefly

Overlooking the Revdanda River & Estuary, this holiday farmhouse is set on a 4-acre hill. The poolside kitchen steals the show with this jaw-dropping luxurious spread of a house you just want to own. The massive 12.5 m pool overlooks lush gardens, and the property is  full of cosy seating areas and picturesque views. Three air conditioned cottages consist of a total of five rooms so there’s plenty of space - plus, the cottages even come with their own dogs! Details right here.

This beach villa was initially purchased as a paddy field plot and slowly converted over the past 30 years into a holiday home that boasts of a swimming pool and its own mini-farm. Vegetables, spices and fruit grow over here, with summers consisting of fresh homegrown mangoes and sweet tender coconut water straight out of the garden. Overlooking the Arabian sea, the architecture is a blend of several styles, all set in the tranquil backdrop of the pristine Nagaon beach.

This villa near Kashid Beach with a pool has been built over two levels, and sprawls over an awe-inspiring 2 acre space. Private accommodation meets hotel-style amenities in this peaceful haven, and there’s another two bedroom villa called ‘Dolce’ that shares the same ground floor as Whistler that can be rented out as well.

VII. Aranya

Kihim’s white sand beaches are literally give minutes away from this luxury pool villa filled with lovely, natural light. It is quite evident how painstakingly the owners have maintained the place - what started out as a dream to build a vacation home inspired by lush paddy fields has today materialised itself as a property tastefully designed by architect Savio Lobo; the villa is adorned with lovely art pieces and replete with a 20ft large swimming pool.

VIII. Commodore

Literally 7 minutes from Mandwa Jetty, this one’s for those who like living life king-size. This Mediterranean-style villa has five bedrooms and is spread across a 1 acre plot, surrounded by verdant gardens in a majorly mango and coconut farm. Well-maintained by the owners, who reside in Mumbai, this one’s all wooden floors, cosy rooms and spacious seating areas.

IX. Piece Of Sky

With each of these private villas boasting of an exquisite Spanish facade resembling something out a Gaudi Architecture book, Piece Of Sky might welcome you with a uniform exterior, but each of the villas’ interiors have been designed uniquely that really sets them apart. While Villa A has two bedrooms along with a fully equipped kitchen, the interiors are vibrant with aesthetic wood pieces adorning the spaces. The pool is a boomerang shaped seductress and elbows its way into the views of each of the bedrooms.

Coco Farm House, decisively more family-oriented than most on this list, consists of individual cottages with a large seating area with plenty of greenery around. The premises also house an open-air bar and amidst the cottages is a pool (yes, it’s right net to the bar) and there’s also a spa area in the serene farmhouse.

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