13 More Highly Creative Workspaces We Love [Vol. II]

13 More Highly Creative Workspaces We Love [Vol. II]

[If you haven't already checked out Vol I of this list, here it is.]

In a city where start-ups cropping up in unlikely 1BHKs is becoming a trend of sorts, and the bickering for space never stops, come take a look at offices around the world where the work spaces have seamlessly imbibed the ethos of the companies to create a work environment where everyone is on the same proverbial page.

Since one volume didn't prove to be enough for us, we kept hunting for more office spaces that go out of their way to adapt the work environment to suit the needs of their employees; creative and easy-to-personalise spaces that also imbibe the company's ethos, these make working in them seem like a total treat. A space like that with plenty of elbow room, creating an ultimately productive work zone, is one that we all aspire to be a part of one day.

Until we get there, though, let’s satiate our envy and settle for further snooping through the office spaces of these 13 companies. Third time lucky, perhaps? 

I. AirBnb

Walking into the San Francisco AirBnB office is like opening the door to the possibility of entering an unexpected room at every turn. The billion-dollar company's office houses crisp white corridors leading to conference rooms that are replicas of the vacation rentals the company offers.

The rooms in the office show an incredible attention to detail in their recreation, and feature furnishing uncannily similar to the original homes, which range from an apartment in Hong Kong, to an artist's pad in Berlin.

HG loves:  The replica of the mushroom cabin, originally listed from Aptos, California, tucked away nonchalantly at the edge of a corridor that looks really intriguing.

This conference room is based on a Soho apartment and, like the original, is teeming with art.
This conference room is based on a Soho apartment and, like the original, is teeming with art.

II. Skype

HG loves: The semi-casual vibe of the office which conveys that they want their employees to be comfortable, but that they're still here to do business.

PS Arkitektur, Photo credit: Jason Strong

III. Tumblr

Said that "Put the spotlight on making people's creations look as sexy as possible." 

HG loves:

How the kitchen is found right in the middle of the office, where meetings are also held, and the Tumblr fan mail that has been put up on the fridge.

IV. Bloomberg

V. Rap Genius

HG loves: That Rap Genius has hosted artists at every stage in their career, from budding local artists, to Childish Gambino. The view from the deck is pretty sweet, too.

VI. Venmo

HG loves: That they have tried to create a space where employees aren't compelled to, but actively want to, spend more time at than they are required to do so.

VII. Google Pittsburgh

HG loves: How Google never fails to be original, as far as finding new ways to keep their employees motivated is concerned.

VIII. Eventbrite

"We’re pretty sure Dylan Serota [head of Platform Partnerships] was half joking when he suggested we add hammocks, but sometimes, you just gotta take your conference calls from the horizontal position,"

HG loves: The sort of importance the employees' needs for a fun and conducive work environment are given, and that their suggestions have actually been implemented in the design.

IX. Fab

HG loves: The countless kinds of funky lamps decorating the office, that really add character to the room.

X. Facebook

HG loves: How they've left the ducts exposed on the ceiling, a reminder that "our work is never done." 

 XI. Groupon

HG loves: That CEO Andrew Mason has framed a recent Forbes cover he was featured on in a main area, surrounding by casualties of the dotcom bubble, like AOL, Netscape and Myspace. This is to keep him grounded at all times.

XII. Seamless

HG loves: The massive, hi-res touch screen combination of four television sets called the 'Weather Wall' that showcases the Seamless Twitter feed.

XIII. Vente Privee

HG loves: That the building the office space is housed in today used to be a printing press, and that the mezzanine structure has been retained. It is also interesting to be greeted by a thwarted bear with a chainsaw in each hand when you enter.

Compiled By: Homegrown Staff