3 Infographics That Visually Depict Major Health Issues For Indian Children

3 Infographics That Visually Depict Major Health Issues For Indian Children
Today is World Health Day. Considering we have the largest youth population in the world, the need for intervention and to spread health awareness is undeniably urgent, especially with respect to all the health challenges the children of the country face. The UNICEF has been working with the Indian government since 1949 to ensure that every child in the country is given "the best start in life, thrives and develops to his or her full potential."
While it would be easy to pinpoint and chronicle the long list of their triumphs in this field, we felt that statistics sometimes do speak the loudest, grounded in tangible fact. Intrigued by their admirable dedication to research, we dug up some extremely well-executed infographics and statistics with regard to diseases that cripple our youth, and the status of these today, that the UNICEF has put out. Here are some of their most interesting infographics on stunted growth, pneumonia, neonatal morality & more:

I. Neonatal Child Mortality in India:


II. Stunted Growth in India:


III. Pneumonia in India:


Bonus - Handwashing India Facts:

To mark the Global Handwashing Day, UNICEF created this infographic, specifically focused on India, where the practice of hand-washing with soap is not widespread.

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