6 Homegrown Illustrators On Our Radar

6 Homegrown Illustrators On Our Radar

When it comes to Instagram, there is no dearth of talent across the creative playground. From photographers to creators to digital artists; all lend unique stylistic voices that have captured our attention. All of us at Homegrown are always excited to see a diverse range of talented artists across the board and so we’ve curated a list of illustrators that push the envelope with their respective styles.

Graphic designer, illustrator, hard-core metalhead and drummer for two bands – Gutslit and Hollow Point, Aaron Pinto, known as KidSquidy on Instagram, dons many hats.

Pinto’s illustrations are the perfect reflection of his love for music, art and pop culture as they all find the perfect playground on his digital canvas. A metalhead through and through, a cursory look at his Instagram profile is enough to tell you of his love for skulls. His art contains everything from references and nods to pop-culture staples like Rick & Morty to questions of spirituality with his interpretations of the idea of reincarnation.

Aaron Pinto's Artworks

Mumbai-based visual artist Aditya Damle’s artwork and illustrations are an attempt to break free from the rigid boxes that try to confine artists into categories of artist, graphic designer, or illustrator.

Heavily inspired by mythology, comic books, and science fiction, he defines his artistic sensibility as ‘...the manic intersection where art collides with design.’ With its vivid colours, most of his art is his reinterpretation of how mythology, science, and comics can coalesce. Our favourite among his artwork is a piece titled Bappasauras.

Aditya Damle's Artwork

Bangalore-based artist Divya Negi initially had plans of pursuing a PhD in Nanotechnology but gave it all up for her artistic calling. Her art is both a personal exploration of style and technique as well as a vibrant sensory burst of personality and colour. Some of her more recent work has an almost pop art-esque feel to it.

Divya Negi's Artworks

Neethi is an illustrator, muralist, and surface pattern designer based in Bangalore, and has always believed that art can help people escape reality. It is this escapist power of illustration that inspires her to create art. Her background in textile design in Kerala finds its way into her illustrations where her love for patterns becomes evident.

Her illustrations are a playful blend of bold and primary colours that come to life when combined with her sublime use of shadows. She regularly draws interior scenes with intricate patterns that attempt to bring the outside in and take the form of murals, wallpapers, and paintings.

Neethi's Illustrations

The value of representation goes far beyond where your average person usually thinks it does. It is imperative to be present in a space that allows you to remember that you’re not alone, whether it be online or offline.

Nivedita is a 29-year-old visual designer and illustrator who holds this message close to her heart. Her illustrations, as presented on her Instagram page are dedicated to representing South Asian women in all their forms and beauty.

Simultaneously adorable and lifelike, Nivedita’s illustrations are far more than pieces of artwork. They are a testament to the existence of the all-natural and timeless beauty of strong, self-sufficient, and proud South Asian women.

Nivedita's Illustrations

Soumyaraj Vishwakarma’s artwork and illustrations have a semi-realistic feel to them. Marked with vivid landscapes and bright flora and fauna, her work predominately features natural tones. With a degree in Visual Arts from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, her style has evolved over the years with experimentations with mediums like watercolours, oil pastels, inks, fineliners, and more.

Tropical hues and shades of green tend to dominate the dreamy and intricate landscapes that she creates. Her vibrant illustrations tactfully transport you to the calmness and the serenity of her crafted, green world.

Soumyaraj Vishwakarma's Illustrations

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