Discover Unheard Words Through This Artist’s Lovely Illustrations

Discovering Words
Discovering Words

When Elle Luna started #The100DayProject, encouraging art in all its forms, we were thrilled—not only did this mean an influx of more art, it also encouraged several other creative minds to sit down and work. The project is more about the process, than the actual finished product, emphasizing on your resilience through the challenge. So when we stumbled across Rituparna Sarkar’s Instagram account, we were more than just delighted to find her own take on the challenge: #100DaysOfDiscoveringWords.

A firm believer in all things old-school, she says, “I happened to be reading a book called ‘Hygge’ by Meik Wiking at that point—and I came across the words ‘Tokka’ and ‘Tsundoko’ there which really sparked my interest. There’s a world of unique and interesting words which existed in every culture, including our own, waiting to be discovered! What’s better than re-discovering words in today’s emoji infested grammar-less world!?”

We couldn’t agree more, especially when her collection comprises of untranslatable words from other lands, unique regional Indian words, archaic English words, as well as newly coined words—all accompanied by quirky illustrations with a pun or two. “I only draw the word if I’m happy with the visual, and almost always, I do add some humour or quirk because that’s the kind of person I am. The good thing about a theme like this it’s constantly expandable. I’ve even invented a few of my own!”

It may have started as a project purely born out of passion, but it has already resulted in quite the fan following, and a chance for Rituparna to connect with several other illustrators and writers on Instagram. For a quick glance at some of her own favourites from the collection, scroll on! (Don’t worry, we’re putting a link to her Instagram handle too, so you can catch up with the rest, below.)

The only digital illustration in her challenge, 40 days in!

You can follow Rituparna Sarkar on Instagram, to keep up with the rest of her challenge.

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