A Homegrown Studio's Creations Intersect Indian Motifs With A Charming Sense Of Whimsy

A Homegrown Studio's Creations Intersect Indian Motifs With A Charming Sense Of Whimsy

India’s coastal towns have honed a distinct cultural identity that is remarkable and hard to miss. From delectable cuisine to unmissable sub-tropical motifs, there is a unique charm to this region of the country.

The Konkan coast boasts of a traditionally rich culture with a particularly vibrant aesthetic. Ocean blue hues, tender coconuts, a striking food palette, the sounds of animals and sea birds flocking by the ocean, and more.

Pune-based creative studio, Olee Maatee goes the extra mile to immortalise and visualise these cultural motifs by adding a touch of whimsy to their creations. Founder Bharati Pitre boasts 20-years of experience in sculpting and fine arts which she has ardently shared with her team over the years.

Pitre and her team visually articulate the real essence of a local Indian experience through their products that range from clay pendants to coasters or even paper-mache figurines to add that tasteful playfulness to your homes.

The studio also hones in on the raw talent of the artisanal community from rural Maharashtra; employing them to create and expand on its artistic vision. There seems to be a very holistic exchange that occurs between the founding team and the local community which very evidently translates to their creations.

Olee Maatee’s home accessories and figurines possess an extraordinary quirk and charm that adds life to almost any space that it is placed in. From realistic human figurines to a surrealist blend between humans and various animals, their range of products represents a delightful playfulness that is deep-rooted in nostalgia.

The team incorporates a plethora of natural elements into its product right from natural clay and bamboo to ceramics and terracotta.

Olee Maatee range of products could easily be the next big gifting idea for your own homes or the homes of your loved ones.

You can shop Olee Maatee’s products here.

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