A Moving Performance Encouraging Us To Rise Above The Stigma Of Mental Health

Credit - Youtube Tendencies by Salvin Chahal
Credit - Youtube Tendencies by Salvin Chahal

There lies a bleak perception with regard to the cognisable and the veiled when it comes to our psyche. Enacting and projecting this message to the masses is Salvin Chahal, who’s pneuma has marshalled a wide audience. Chahal’s artistic and influential repertoire inclines towards poetry, acting and producing. His onstage persona commands awareness and mindfulness fuelled by groundbreaking aura.

Enacting and performing on multiple International platforms. His artistry pertains to the likes of his own personal experiences, the ones that are seldom propagated freely within the public space; succouring to the melancholy evoked by depression and the inner conflicts and the humane strifes. The thought revoking performance makes us contemplate and dig deep when it comes to fragile subjects that involve mental health.

“The only reason I decided to share my work was because I knew my experiences were relatable to others. It was a responsibility, I took on to put words together and deliver them in a way that speaks on what’s difficult to share. This is for those who sometimes, don’t feel present and don’t have the energy to keep fighting themselves.

This piece was created to acknowledge the thoughts and emotions we have when battling depression, particularly when we feel the loneliest. I want people to understand that as defeated as you may feel, you’re not alone. Once we acknowledge this, we can build community by having tough conversations.”

“To remove the stigma and build awareness, we need to say we don’t need one day to speak to mental health. We need to continue our commitment daily to it.” Says Chahal, who deeply yearns to break free from the shackles of stigma and the insinuation towards depression and repressed emotions. He seeks the need to express himself so that individuals don’t give in to manipulating their emotions during moments of distress. That it’s only ephemeral as long as you decide to seek aid, speak up and come to terms with it – by virtue of the fact that it’s solely humane, humane to feel, humane to express, humane to just be.

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