An Indian Artist Creating Stunning Visual Artwork Influenced By Dr Ambedkar

An Indian Artist Creating Stunning Visual Artwork Influenced By Dr Ambedkar

India is a land of several ideologies, and their co-existence in a positive manner is imperative to the country. Of course, recent years have seen India undergo shifts in policies and overall spirit which have led us to be a country we never were, and never truly want to be.

With division among our people at an all-time high, we need to look back at some thoughts that help us reach unity. Dr BR Ambedkar’s words come first to mind –– the new India has much to learn from his anti-caste ideologies. Artedkar by Rahee Punyashloka gives us art that allows us to explore this theme sensitively, all while being able to appreciate his creative execution.

Image Courtesy: Artedkar

Along with his wonderful art, we also receive Ambedkarite insights into the world of today. Ensuring representation of unrepresented castes and their challenges, Artedkar’s approach is one that allows us to realise the biases that exist and continue to be perpetuated due to lack of knowledge.

Themed in blue and white only, the art is simple yet complex. Not only does it allow us to see what Rahee wants us to see, but also lets us take away from it, a sense of India’s status when it comes to under-represented communities. Art has always been political and for it to be impactful, all you need is a strong belief in its message. Rahee makes it possible for us to see that.

Image Courtesy: Artedkar

Using art forms as a means of expression; to convey socio-political situations and their atrocities has been pivotal in the wake of India’s changing socio-political landscapes. Artedkar has been one of those online destinations that without a doubt will stand up for what they believe in, and it is refreshing to see. The art, the artist, the message –– we admire them all.

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