Anwesha Paul Depicts The Beauty & Strength Of Indian Women

Anwesha Paul Depicts The Beauty & Strength Of Indian Women
Anwesha Paul

There is no doubt we love to witness the rightful portrayal of Indian and South Asian women through various forms of art. Almost a means to convey the power, grace, and resilience they hold, these portrayals are as important because they resonate with our aspirations and ideal inspirations.

Some of them truly catch our eye and Anwesha Paul’s series is one of them. 21-year-old illustrator from Kolkata, Anwesha began her artistic and illustration journey at a young age. She says that her love for art began when she found herself immediately fascinated by the illustration of a deer on a crayon box. She recalls, “I remember that I was little then. I was so desperate and focused to copy that illustration, I did not eat and sleep that day until my mother helped me finish it.”

Now, her skilful illustrations predominantly feature Indian women. “My work is inspired by Indian traditional art styles. Through my illustrations, I focus on showcasing woman empowerment in a bold and colourful way,” explains Anwesha.

Her piece ‘Bonolata’ is of a pure-hearted woman who loves to roam the forest. In all her innocence, she stands amidst the ‘bon’ (Bengali word for forest) – which bestows her the name, Bonolata.


‘We Are Dreamers, Dreaming Realities’ portrays a fierce, young woman with not a care in the world of what the society has to say about her – it is a representation of all those women who put themselves, their wishes, and their priorities above any socially constructed expectations.

‘We Are Dreamers, Dreaming Realities’

As a self-taught artist, Anwesha produces work that exudes a quality that draws you in – inviting you to adore and appreciate the women who are fierce, yet full of love.

Find more of Anwesha’s work here.

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