Apply Now - An Art Residency At A New Gallery In Mumbai

Apply Now - An Art Residency At A New Gallery In Mumbai
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Virginia Woolf had once written, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she has to write fiction.” We believe that the same goes for making any kind of art regardless of the artist’s gender. Method Art Space, a new art gallery in Kala Ghoda, offers such a place for artists to develop their talents.

Home to both bohemian establishments, as well as older shops and businesses, the Method Art Space straddles old Bombay and present-day Bombay both culturally and spatially. “Method” is more than merely an art space. They believe in being a stepping stone and supporting the artist in his or her individual journey, thereby enabling them to create work they probably aren’t able to make anywhere else.

In keeping with the ethos of the organization, they have created an art residency called the “Method Rooftop Residency.”, which promises to provide a space to all artists out there who haven’t had the resources to delve into large format art. If you have been compelled to limit your creations to smaller dimensions, this is your opportunity to go beyond and transcend your limitations. This platform essentially provides you with an avenue to explore yourself completely.

The Method Art Space is happy to announce the first edition of Method Rooftop Residency, a month-long residency with the goal of creating artworks that measure 120cm or more. They are currently accepting applications for the art residency, with 4-5 slots open.

To learn more about how to apply, you can visit their website

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