Artwork 'How To Poop Right' Flushes Down Misconceptions About The Indian Toilet
Kinky Kashayam

Artwork 'How To Poop Right' Flushes Down Misconceptions About The Indian Toilet

South Asians and Indians, specifically, have always been all about good health. A hearty Indian meal contains all the nutrients one needs and must consume — a fact applauded by the West.

For the purpose of proper excretion, too, Indians built a toilet in a way that causes no restrictions, leading to a healthy bowel movement — an invention looked down upon by the West.

Kinky Kashayam’s artwork ‘How To Poop Right’ explores this very double standard, and explains why, in fact, an Indian toilet leads to a better pooping experience! The 8-slide artwork questions the perceived superiority of a Western toilet over the Indian one and clarifies that the former actually is far more detrimental to the human body.

The artist elaborates, “The contemporary Indian society empty-handedly considers western practices as ‘superior’. They fail to comprehend that these practices are for sheer comfort and overlooks all health aspects.”

The problem also exists in how South Asians themselves perceive this as inferior and simply refuse to use this model of a toilet due to the internalised shame. Who knew, that an act as simple and natural as defaecation could be subject to shame, too?

We’ll leave Kinky Kashayam to explain the science behind why the Indian toilet is an overall better choice, but we’ll leave you with one question — would you really want to compromise a healthy and better pooping method due to what some folks in the West think of it?

You can find Kinky Kashayam’s work here.

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