Attend A Homegrown Production Using Performance Art To Address Disability & Inclusion

Attend A Homegrown  Production Using Performance Art To Address Disability & Inclusion
British Council

Comprising a diverse group of 23 artists, a theatre production titled 'Wasteland: A Journey' uses art to address, and create awareness for shared global challenges, including inclusion. As part of the ongoing India/UK Together, a ‘Season of Culture’, the landmark programme has been created in collaboration with theatre-maker Tim Wheeler.

Addressing questions about equality, diversity, and inclusion for the first time in India. The touring theatre performance enriching disability art will see an ensemble of deaf, blind, disabled and neuro-divergent artists take centre stage and take us on a journey of possibilities, both live and digitally. 

“D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people know about obstacles and barriers. We often find ourselves spoken for, spoken over, and spoken against. Through theatre, we can learn to speak and act for ourselves. It is wonderful to have allies like Jana Sanskriti and the British Council India to help amplify our voices to build a fairer, more inclusive society.”
Tim Wheeler

The play commemorates the centenary year of TS Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ with Mahabharata and Tagore and is told through many creative styles. The narrative revolves around relationships and the futility of life without love and compassion. The three texts that inspired the production demonstrate how struggles lead to conflict and how resolutions are found through emotion rather than logic. 

The performance festival will be continuing till the 11th of December and you can find more information about their performance schedule here