Attend These Weekend Workshops To Learn The Old School Art Of Screen Printing

Attend These Weekend Workshops To Learn The Old School Art Of Screen Printing

The experience of attending art exhibitions is exhilarating in itself, exposure to unique installations and multimedia pieces looks mythical to the naked eye. We take a journey through the gallery immersed in the different types of art forms wanting to get a piece of the creative experience ourselves.

Studios around the world, specifically in California and London have always curated such experiences for people outside the art industry. These workshops are easy to follow and have become an attractive activity for the weekends. Led by seasoned artists, these explorations allow us to discover the hidden artists within each one of us.

While these studios expand on multiple different printing techniques, the most interactive experience is offered through the screen printing workshops. Also known as Serigraphy, an old-school method of making positives, exposing and printing. The popular print is achieved by pressing ink through a stencilled mesh screen and it’s likely that you’ve worn a screen-printed t-shirt at some point without even realising.

Taking the lead, studios in Delhi and Bombay are now introducing similar workshops available to everyone. These art-based spaces explore different mediums of design and curate experiences based on knowledge as well as innovation. So if you’re looking for something to do this weekend do check out the following studios for information on their upcoming workshops.

Image Courtesy: Pulp Society

Pulp Studio, Delhi

Based out of Okhla, Pulp Society is a contemporary gallery and workshop space. A learners’ hub for artists, graphic designers, curators and researchers to explore the endless possibilities of print and paper. The studio has grown out of the legacy of Sona Fine Papers, established in 1966 they have a rich history of selling fine papers in Indian subcontinent and Middle East countries.

Equipped with a dark room and screen printing equipment, the studio is available to all individuals who would like to use the printmaking facilities to further their creative endeavours. Known for their Serigraphy workshops, their weekly sessions headed by our studio manager, Suraj Gotwal also introduce one to the art of woodcut printing. Their workshops run every Saturday from 12 to 5 pm with a 30-minute recess and all materials required are covered in the workshop fees.

Find more information about the studio and their workshops here.

Image Courtesy: Pritam Arts

Pritam Arts, Mumbai

A 35-year-old Family run screen print studio based in Fort, Pritam Arts is determined to keep the art of old-school printing alive. They have curated a space of experimentation with scale, medium, colour, design, and impressions. With a small team of only three people, holding expertise in the fields of print, production and design the ‘hand pulled screen print studio’ offers a one-on-one experience in every workshop.

Their Serigraphy workshop is an in-depth class on the process of screen print. Great for both beginners as well as people who need to reboot their screen printing knowledge. Filled with intriguing aspects of the process and led hand in hand by professional tutors, the entire process from start to end is curated to be completed by the participant. Offering three different levels of workshops namely, basic, intermediate and advanced. The days of sessions and number of participants vary depending on the level, forming a fully fleshed-out experience for different individuals.

Find more information about the studio and their workshops here.

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