Come Home To Nature At This Sustainable Eco-Stay In Kerala

Come Home To Nature At This Sustainable Eco-Stay In Kerala
Rohan Alex & Alexander Sam Thomas

While there is a slew of retreats and eco-stays splattered across our country, very few hold deference in terms of a cohesive and symbiotic integration with nature, culture, and community. Curated with an emphasis on comfort and connectivity and built with local craftsmanship, and a lot of love, Mountain Villa Vagamon is committed to the idea of self-actualization and holistic interaction with and within nature. They aim to preserve destinations and nature grounds for generations to come to and they believe in a responsible module of tourism that is a transformative force that has the power to revitalize local communities. Clear intent and ideology separate this property from others of its kind. With spectacular and soothing views of the Kurushumala Ashram estate on one side and the lush green valleys of Vagamon on the other, Mountain Villa is ideal for individuals and families to experience local context, deliberate design, local cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes.

Beautiful vantages at Mountain Villa Vagamon (Source: Mountain Villa Vagamon)

Mountain Villa is completely off the grid with no electricity, no WiFi and a very weak mobile telephone network and no TV. A few days without scrolling through Instagram is healthy for every individual. This retreat enables you to introspect and experience the land in its truest form. They harness green energy through solar to power lights and use filtered water siphoned from the mountain springs. All the amenities and provided in an eco-friendly manner without disturbing the flora and fauna around. A plethora of insects, lizards, leeches, bees, and toads can be found around the property. Life at Mountain Villa taps into your natural and primitive instincts and promises you a simple and pleasurable experience in integration with nature and good living.

Source: Mountain Villa Vagamon
Source: Mountain Villa Vagamon
Local and freshly made food is available for all guests. Source: Mountain Villa Vagamon

What makes the experience even more holistic is how guests can customise their experience and enjoy the same place in several different ways.

For instance, a person looking for a solitary, meditative break can choose to stay in the Stone Cottage or the Bamboo Cottage, whereas a more adventure-seeking traveller can opt for tents on the grounds of the property.

The Stone Cottage property houses a small stone cottage with an old-world charm. It exudes warmth and promises you an out-worldly experience. While continuing to preserve its heritage, this fifty-plus-year-old labour shed has been renovated in the theme and decor of a quaint English Cottage. The Bamboo Cottage built with the help of local artisans out of locally-sourced bamboo resembles a treehouse to provide you with a unique experience in the midst of nature. Guests can enjoy traditional Kerala cuisine prepared by a talented private cook in a fully-equipped kitchen. The entire property is a plastic-free zone and housekeepers are available to aid you whenever necessary.

You can book yourself a stay here and check them out on Instagram here.

Source: Mountain Villa Vagamon

Feature image courtesy: Rohan Alex & Alexander Sam Thomas.

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