Designer Aaquib Wani’s Vibrant Tribute To India’s Local Artisans & Dying Art Forms

Designer Aaquib Wani’s Vibrant Tribute To India’s Local Artisans & Dying Art Forms

Post his prolonged stint as a lead guitarist in a thrash metal band, Delhi-based musician Aaquib Wani turned to art and design. The transition was far more seamless than it sounds. Wani was a self-taught designer who learnt about the craft by working on posters, merch, and more for his band, Phobia.

After years of rigorous training as an experiential designer, Aaquib set out on his own into the market with his multi-dimensional design studio, Aaquib Wani Design in 2018. Nearly 4 years on, AWB continues to spearhead some of the largest spatial, experiential design projects in the country which includes installations for the NH7 Weekender along with customised jackets and footwear in collaboration with Levis, Adidas, and other global apparel brands.

Aaquib’s flair for flamboyant design and avant-garde explorations extend across several mediums. Having observed the workings of artisans and craftsmen that he and his family grew up around, Aaquib forays into his craft with a subconscious sense of understanding and attention. Wani’s latest explorations have been in the space of custom-made garments and footwear inspired by the vibrance and India’s cultural heritage.

“These are the artisans responsible for building our nation with the rich heritage we speak about at international platforms. These art forms are extremely detail-oriented and only a handful of artisans still carry them forward because of fast-fashion and handwork shifting to digital to increase capacity and quantity.”

— Aaquib Wani, Designer, Artist & Musician

A majority of AWB’s core team of artists hail from lower-income groups and Aaquib’s vision with his latest exploration is to preserve the smaller, dying local art forms that weave into India’s vibrant cultural fabric.

The Aaquib Wani custom wearables is a range of products that varies from jackets to old brogues that are converted into exciting prints and designs as per your customisations. The wearables are up-cycled by local artisans to enhance the appeal of the pieces with their personal, artistic flair. The brogues seen below are a product of AWB’s in-house painter, Shiv.

Image source: Aaquib Wani Design

You can now place your orders for Aaquib Wani Custom Wearables by messaging them here.

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