Enter A World Of Fantasy & Surrealism At Artist Tanya Mehta’s New Exhibition

Enter A World Of Fantasy & Surrealism At Artist Tanya Mehta’s New Exhibition

The concept of opposites was one of the many things that Ancient Greek philosophers concerned themselves with, and of all their theorising on opposition, Heraclitus’ ‘Unity of Opposites’ is the one that has had the most longevity. The ‘unity of opposites’, also called coincidentia oppositorium (coincidence of opposites in Latin), is the idea that all things that oppose one another exist in a constant state of connection, and that opposites are actually non-dual. For example, ‘up’ and ‘down’ are opposites, but ‘up’ cannot exist without ‘down’, and thus they are united despite being opposites. The concept of ‘the unity of opposites’ seems impossible or far-fetched at first, but the reality is that we can see it all around us.

In her new exhibition, ‘The Unity of Opposites’, artist Tanya Mehta explores this concept through her fantastical prints and light boxes, combining seemingly opposite elements into individual, lovely pieces that demonstrate the oneness in what one assumes to be dual. Her belief is that, in understanding the non-duality of opposites, one transcends the every day and takes their mind down a path of questioning and realisation. Her hope is that her art can give people this transcendence and experience a new realm of understanding.

'The Penrose Triangle (Order and Chaos)' by Tanya Mehta

Pieces in the series include fine art prints, lenticular prints - printed images with an illusion of depth and movement - and animated lightboxes that have the ability to change the image depending on the source of light be that front lit or backlit. Each piece is accompanied by a poem written by Mehta herself, and explores a different pair of opposites, such as Heaven vs Earth and Nostalgia vs Reality, through surreal and dreamlike images.

'Heaven and Earth' by Tanya Mehta

‘The Unity Of Opposites’ is Mehta’s fourth solo show. Her work has been exhibited all over the world, from London to Washington DC, but this Mumbai show is a return to home. Born in the city, Mehta studied photography at Goldsmiths University of London and went on to explore the art of new mixed media. She combines photography, collage, and digital painting to create beautiful and detailed artworks, and has explored the art of lenticular prints and lightboxes to create dynamic and three-dimensional visuals. Philosophy and science have always been an important part of Mehta’s life, and especially, of her art.

'I am the Unity (Nostalgia vs Reality)' by Tanya Mehta

The exhibition will be running from July 28th to August 18th at Rukshaan Art in Mumbai. You can learn more about the exhibition at the Rukshaan Art website, and follow Tanya Mehta’s work at her website.

'Melancholy' and 'Contentment' by Tanya Mehta

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