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Art Fervour AF Weekender
Art Fervour AF WeekenderArt Fervour

For a country like ours with such a rich history of art and design, it is only right that we are able to wholeheartedly appreciate new and upcoming talents from all parts of the country. With numerous art galleries around the country coming back very strong after a pandemic, and an audience thirsty for new visuals, it is no wonder that people are swarming to learn more about art and contribute to the betterment of the art industry in India.

As such, India’s first visual arts discovery platform Art Fervour, founded by Nivedita Poddar, is hosting India’s second edition of AF Weekender. They had hosted their first, online version during the pandemic, and are back to host an offline all-India Art Weekender held across 18 cities over 3 days. Their aim is to get people to explore, appreciate, promote, and engage with visual culture in India. Nivedita Poddar says, “The AF Weekender was an idea that came to me almost as an extension of what we do at Art Fervour – making the arts accessible to all. It has now grown into an all-India art weekender, bringing art to young urban art enthusiasts.”

The weekender, which will be held from 23 - 25 September 2022 is geared towards art enthusiasts, collectors, and buyers, and especially for the youth who want to get a head start in collecting art of all kinds. With over 80 events taking place in 18 cities, there is something for everyone. Their events are divided into four new segments, AF Lates, AF Explore, AF Create, and AF Play.

Explore your favourite galleries after-hours with AF Lates, along with meeting a whole new community of like-minded art lovers, professionals, young collectors, buyers and enthusiasts over drinks.

AF Explore allows you to experience and discover your city in a new light through new and old galleries, heritage sites, and museums with guided art walks, gallery hops, and artist/curator walkthroughs in your city.

AF Create gives you the opportunity to attend workshops hosted by artists in your city, where you can pick up a new skill or hobby like zine-making, restoration, and pottery.

With AF Play you can make discovering art engaging and fun, immersing yourself in interactive trivia and games, all art themed of course.

People in Mumbai have Galerie Isa’s Exhibition of ‘Liminal Spaces’ and Fluxus Chapel’s Walkthrough of ‘Inside a Box’ to look forward to. For those of you in Delhi attend a film screening of Shrine Empire: Film Screening of ‘A Cipher For the Missing and an exhibition at DAG, featuring ‘Tipu Sultan: Image & Distance.’ If you’re in Goa that weekend, no problem, just check out The Cube Gallery’s Exhibition of ‘ARTBOTS II’.

As their tagline says ‘Engage. Explore. Discover.’ art at AF Weekender, 2022. It is the perfect way to engage with the best of art in India, explore old and new artists, spaces, and methods, and discover a new way to experience art on-ground along with other art lovers, and art experts who can teach you about a whole new world.

You can find the schedule and register here, and follow them here.

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