Exploring The Palette Of Cinematic Illustrations With Anirudh Iyer

Exploring The Palette Of Cinematic Illustrations With Anirudh Iyer

In this day and age of contemporary artists blending the advent of the digital with their take on innovation with material, and cultural engagement is what makes the Indian art sphere stand out.

For Anirudh Iyer, creating a cinephilic body of work that stands out as original and conceptual and comes from a place of passion is what makes him stand out as an artist. The 22-year-old artist is committed to mark his creative imprint with big bold and lifelike cinematic illustrations.

The 22-year-old artist’s body of work combines his love of illustrations and cinema to produce a milieu of vibrant and eclectic cinema posters that range from niche Bollywood films to International blockbusters.

Anirudh, whose idea of creativity seems to spill organically, reveals that his penchant for the creative arts kicked off from a very young age and took over a refined form in his graduation years.

‘I loved to draw and doodle since I was a child. My parents have been always supportive about what I wanted to do and have been encouraging me to pursue this journey. My creativity boosted ten-folds during my graduation years. Those were the years that taught me and helped me develop my style of Illustration.’

— Anirudh Iyer

Finding inspiration amidst different eras of artists such as the likes of Harun Robert aka Rob from M.A.D to current icons like Gabriel Soares (Illustrations and 3d Models), Ahmed Aldoori (Character Design) and Stan Prokopenko (Traditional Drawings), Anirudh’s artistic fervour stems from a place of stimulation and a will to experiment.

Reflecting upon the current art wave overtaking the Indian subcontinent, Anirudh gushes over the impact of art and artists in acting as a beacon of hope and solace in these extraordinary times.

 ‘There are a lot of creative people in India and we need to learn to appreciate their talents and hard work. Social Media has played a vital role to shed light on such talents. As George Washington once said “To encourage literature and the arts is a duty which every good citizen owes to his country.” It is really good and much needed. In difficult times like these, Doctors and Essential Workers are of the utmost importance but Art also plays an important role in keeping our hopes up and looking at the bright future ahead.    

— Anirudh Iyer

For Anirudh, the journey of an artist remains to be about living in the present and honing his skills constantly which is also quite well received by the cinephile’s audience.