The Things You Might Find At Bangalore's Black Magic Graveyard

The Things You Might Find At Bangalore's Black Magic Graveyard

Bangalore’s no stranger to oddball territories for exploration. We’ve previously featured its American Horror Story-worthy Brain Museum but what we have in store for today makes rotting-brains-in-a-jar akin to spending a day in the park netting butterflies and stealing strawberries.

Without further ado, here are five things you might find at Bangalore’s Black Magic Graveyard, should you muster up the courage to pay it a visit.

 If the words ‘Black Magic’ didn’t throw you off, you would probably trip over anyway.

The Bangalore graveyard is covered in human bones, ranging all the way from ossified skulls to discolored endoskeletons.

II. Curseful thinking

Just when you thought ancient voodoo and curse-ology was not a ‘thing’ anymore, you find a full living cursing tree. Covered in broken bangles, eggs and overdue bills; it is used to inflict curses on people as well as redeem you from one.

III. VeneRATed

The blood stained holy mound of a shrine is infested with rats that swarm in multitude.

IV. Kali bound

Along a small enclosure that surrounds Kali (the goddess of death) are fixed padlocks which symbolize ‘requests’ made to the Goddess.

Andy Deemer

V. The Priestess Purge

A priestess conducts a ‘cleansing’ ritual to rinse out all your sins; in which she taps your head, shoulders and chest with a lime and egg repeatedly, and in spirited progression throws the ‘curse-filled’ egg into the trash graveyard.

We don’t have pictorial proof of this priestess but perhaps she just can’t be caught on camera.

Andy Deemer