Fluxus Chapel: Mumbai’s New Immersive Art Space

Fluxus Chapel: Mumbai’s New Immersive Art Space
Fluxus Chapel

Of the many capabilities of art, one that we appreciate highly is that of being able to bring people together to form a community. Allowing interaction, wonderment, and conversations surrounding people’s work, these communities become stronger each day.

Following this beautiful concept is Fluxus Chapel in Mumbai, a space that aims to change how people experience art, books, and learning. Inspired by the Fluxus movement, an avant-garde art movement in the 1950s, and the embracing nature of a chapel, this community space was born.

Himanshu S., Jai ‘Zaiu’ Ranjit, Neil Ghose Balser, Doyel Joshi, Ayushi Patni, Cyriac Varghese, Aqui Thami, and Sreya currently make up the partnership of this space, and newer members will join soon. Having a mix of artists allows the space to remain fresh with something new on offer at all times. It allows them to go beyond showcasing and facilitates learning, growing, and appreciating.

Image Courtesy: Fluxus Chapel

There exists a wonderful library encouraging people to borrow books, the funds from which help fuel the Dharavi Art Room thereby using art to encourage art. Workshops, sessions, screenings, and more are part of the roster, too. All art available in this space is affordable and truly takes the ‘elite’ aspect of art away - it extends the joy and experience to all.

From zines to illustrations, and reading spaces to performances, the Fluxus Chapel is a new-age art initiative that transcends the superficial. It urges people to immerse themselves in its different forms, learn from it, and take away real-life skills.

Find Fluxus Chapel at KJF Heights, Chapel Road, Mumbai.

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