HG Hires: Account Manager - Brand Solutions, Homegrown

HG Hires: Account Manager - Brand Solutions, Homegrown

We at Homegrown are looking to hire an Account Manager to oversee client-facing brand solutions projects from concept to execution. Our marketing campaigns and brand partnerships are platform agnostic that span a across branded content, digital campaigns, experiential, and including our own youth culture IPs like Homegrown Street and Homegrown Summit.

I. Essential

We are looking for a team member to join us who has a minimum of 3-4 years of work experience in digital advertising, agency business or digital publishing with a strong creative bent of mind. Significant experience with client relationship management, production and partner management will be an upside.

- To be on the pulse of contemporary youth culture and the emerging trends in the creative industries.

- To bring forth an innovative and fresh lens to culture marketing and partnerships driven by purpose, community, storytelling, design and aesthetic sensibilities
Key responsibilities.

- Liaising between client and internal teams, to see tasks through seamlessly.
- Defining scope of work on each campaign/project, allocate and negotiate budgets and partner contracts.

- Responsible to spearhead operations and workflow allocation across campaigns/projects and management of cross functional teams of marketing, design, video and editorial.

- Responsible (but not limited to) to produce multi-format and multi-platform digital campaigns, photo and video-shoots, influencer marketing, digital and experiential festivals which are both brand and homegrown IPs.

- Client management and lead point of accountability: to ensure timelines and deliverables are met and to mobilise cross functional teams; manage expectations for effective and impactful campaign execution.

- Active participation in brainstorms and developing creative ideas and concepts: to bring an innovative and a fresh lens to campaigns that lie at the intersection of Indian creative youth culture and identity.

- To have a strong understanding and interest in the emerging contemporary youth culture trends, creative communities, insights, needs, purpose that can be mapped to brands and build new communities.

- Provide thought leadership to partners in the youth culture, branded content, digital media (platform agnostic).

II. Skills & Experience

- To want to push boundaries of creativity, to be proactive and not accept status quo

- Minimum 3-4 years of related industry experience, preferably in a creative agency, digital marketing, digital publishing experience is a must.

- Multi-format and platform branded execution experience is required: digital, video, articles, social, influencer, events and more.

- 3-4 years or more of building client relationships. Client references will be required on the accounts previously worked on.

- To have a good understanding and interest in producing, project management and delivery across multiple formats including digital, social, film , photography, editorial, and experiential.

- To have the ability to work in a creative, nimble startup, managing heavy workload in a fast-paced environment.

- To be organised, proactive, solutions driven, analytical and a creative problem solver.

- Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously which may span across multiple formats and platforms.

- To be proficient in KeyNote, Excel, and Google Drive (Presentations are only made in Keynote). A strong sense of design and aesthetic

III. How To Apply

- Email your resume and 1 page cover letter in PDF format letter to careers@homegrown.co.in. Subject: Account Manager.

- Mention the notice period you have in your current role.

- Note To All Potential Applicants: At Homegrown, we’re committed to building an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and do not discriminate on the basis of anything from gender identity, caste, sexual orientation or disability. If you have the required thinking/ experience/ attitude/ willingness to work hard, we encourage you to apply.

IV. About The Base of The Role

- While the Homegrown team is currently working virtually, we would like the applicant to be Mumbai based or willing to relocate to Mumbai when feasible.

V. About HG

Homegrown is an Indian digital youth culture and lifestyle media platform for the creative class. It was started from a passion to ‘change the narrative.’ There was an emergence of independent creators in every realm; people who were defying cultural stereotypes and bringing forth new perspectives. It is a celebration of emerging creative voices and the cultural zeitgeist of contemporary India: being uniquely Homegrown.

At Homegrown, we look for artists who work with taboo topics like sexuality, gender. Those who are underrepresented, underfunded, unknown. We look for entrepreneurs with side-hustles, with success stories, failure stories with spunk. We look for identity-driven narratives that paint a picture of the socio-political struggles of our youth in this country. We look for street-culture and the people shaping it: the fashion designers, the b-boy and hip hop dance groups, the skateboard and rap crews. We look for reminders of the past, of history, of nostalgia. We look for intimacy, for authenticity, for voice. We look for the creators who are driving the creative economies around the country. We look for narratives untold. We are the undercurrents of Indian youth culture; we are what’s next, and we are what should be next.

Through our digital media publication we build the identity for emerging voices for all facets of contemporary youth culture; through our agency/content studio we connect brands with today’s youth in ways that drive culture forward. Through our experiences we create cultural impact on the ground. We are a platform for every facet of contemporary youth culture and influencers across lifestyle, music, fashion, art, design, culture, food, entrepreneurship, social impact and more

Creative agency, content studio and experiential arm: we have partnered with over 140 leading brands like Nike, adidas, Puma, Bacardi, Converse, Gshock, HP, Fila, HDFC Life, Unicef, ABinBev - Budweiser, Hoegaarden, Corona, Diageo, AirBnB, Levis, CRED, The Taj Group, Audi, Royal Enfield, and several other brands on content, brand campaigns, influencer and event marketing, in the last 6 years.

Some of the leading global campaigns launched by Homegrown:
www.homegrown.co.in (Publication)
http://agency.homegrown.co.in/ (Agency)
www.instagram.com/homegrownin (Main Account)
www.instagram.com/homegrownstreet (Lifestyle & Street Culture Account)

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