HG Hires: Social Media Manager

HG Hires: Social Media Manager

Homegrown is looking for a full time Social Media Manager with significant experience with Instagram. Are you singularly obsessed with next-generation Indian creatives and excited to document the shifting energy across the country? Do you have great instincts about emerging Indian youth subcultures and microcosms. Do you have a strong sense of identity? Are you a digital native with a strong interest and insight into youth and social culture/genZ: youth identity, visual arts, music, fashion, street culture, internet trends, social justice and more.

Homegrown’s youth culture coverage aims to set new cultural agendas capturing the zeitgeist.. The role will be responsible for spearheading and monitoring digital growth for Homegrown across its keys channels with a strong focus on Instagram; to take over its Instagram network and sub-brands. The key role of the individual would be to focus on managing existing accounts and building out new audiences using innovative formats.

The role requires a deep understanding for social media platforms like Instagram (Reels and its new formats), Facebook, Youtube with a driving desire to connect and understand the broader social media world. In other words, someone who understands the DNA of such social media platforms and can use them as a tool to dig for stories about youth culture, identity, visual arts, subcultures, street culture, fashion, and lifestyle. The cross functional position will work between the editorial, design and marketing teams to optimize and organize Homegrown’s larger social media strategy.

Please write to careers@homegrown.co.in with your CV if interested

Some responsibilities include:

  • Lead social media strategy: plan, manage, and measure all social marketing efforts.
  • Growth of audience across Homegrown channels: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, twitter.
  • Collaborate with Homegrown team’s vertical specific culture curators, designers, and editorial for HG’s various channels: HG , HGStreet , HGVoices , HGSupply.
  • Creating monthly content calendars, curations, Instagram series, q&a, takeovers and other formats.
  • To manage multiple accounts simultaneously, while scheduling and content planning for weeks ahead.
  • To work with the editorial team on copywriting and approval for socials.
  • To work with the marketing team on activation of co-branded content across social platforms, and lead brand campaign rollouts on HG Instagram networks and platforms.
  • To work with the design team to execute social visual strategy.
  • To conceptualise and mobilise tentpole social IPs with the editorial teams.
  • To consistently identify emerging youth culture trends, visual artists, stories on socials for Homegrown’s editorial teams.
  • To monitor trending youth culture topics, curating content to ensure an increase of post frequencies and audience growth.
  • To contribute to creative and ideation discussions around site takeovers and editorial initiatives, using knowledge of audience and analysis to back up recommendations.
  • To create and publish social cards, stories and other multimedia formats using LATER.
  • To identify and collaborate with relevant Homegrown youth culture content creators to create social assets, drive cross-promotion and partnerships.
  • To contribute with ideas and talent suggestions for projects with brand partners, and works on execution of branded campaigns.
  • To drive new initiatives for audience development, while expanding Homegrown’s presence on current social platforms and developing new ones.
  • To consistently tracking and monitor the effectiveness of social initiatives.
  • To experimenting with new and alternative ways to leverage social media activities.
  • Monitoring trends, strategies and best practices in market and applying knowledge to Homegrown’s media initiatives.
  • Ensuring continuity in social channels and messaging across all teams and contributors

What You Should Have:

- At least 3-4+ years of full-time social media management/marketing/digital marketing experience within the digital media ecosystem: youth culture publisher, brand or agency

- A native understanding and daily user of instagram.

- Comfort in startup nimble environments and a dynamic team

- Analytical bent of mind with proficiency in Later, Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager

- An in-built instinct and passion for identifying fresh youth culture voices and themes within the space and an understanding of Homegrown’s curation + identity + voice.

- An innate passion and consumption for social media

- A demanding attention to detail for high quality of content and image curation

- A willingness and desire to learn and grow and think on your feed

- Great communication skills as you will be liaising with people often.

[If you do not check off all the boxes, yet still believe you’d be great for the role make sure you explain why and we’ll consider your application. Previous full-time experience is non-negotiable however.]

Please write to careers@homegrown.co.in with your CV if interested

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