#HGArtProject 016: Ankita Trivedi

 Every week, we turn our Facebook page into a revolving art space to feature the exclusive works of meandering and varied, young Indian artists who’s work we admire, in the hopes that our readers too may be exposed to the burgeoning artistic talent in the country. Last week, we featured the multi-faceted Karthik Krishna; this week the HG spotlight’s on Ankita Trivedi.

An illustrator, designer and self-proclaimed day dreamer, her work is intricate and complex and aligns with our aesthetic flawlessly. Read on to find out more about the artist.

Ankita's cover art for Homegrown

HG: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an Illustration artist and an Industrial designer. Currently, I am working with Eureka Moment Design Company as an industrial designer, and Swayatra is my personal art project under which I am learning and spreading art. I discovered the artist in me last year when I starting Illustrating for this Music Project “In a Mind Place” by Stalvart John on Tenzi.fm. Since then, I have been travelling through this beautiful journey of art.

HG: What has been your biggest inspiration over the years?

Everything and everyone around me is an inspiration to my life and work. Although, music has played an important role in giving a character to the artist in me.

HG: Could you elaborate on the process behind the artwork you have created for us?

The profile picture has a strong core from where it grows out to be a structural yet diverse geometry.

The cover photo illustrates my eye for geometry, symmetry and the trance I go into when I draw these beautiful lines.

 HG: Can you name a few artists, international as well as local, that have inspired you?

Its difficult to name any particular artist because my mind creates a big collage when I think of people who inspire me. But 13 Dimensional Art (Malvika Jay) and Travis Garner are two artists who are highlighted in the collage at this moment.

HG:If you could work with the Indian government for an art project that you get to suggest and lead, what would that be

Every time I illustrate, I come one step closer to understanding how Geometry, Symmetry, compositions and balance works. How perfectly our universe is created... It’s amazing. I wish I had learnt science through art when I was in school.

So, I want to teach Science of Art OR Art of Science to our next generation.

HG: What do you have planned for the future?

I see my Project - Swayatra spreading more and more art in future. Also, I really wish to be a part of Burning Man’s creative team someday.

HG: Could you tell us a little about your own favourite illustrations and why?

ESCAPE - Is a very incident-based illustration where I felt trapped behind this thick layer created by our society.


QUARTER - is purely a psychedelic experience of someone through my vision.


FOBI - I recently got introduced to this crazy music artist - Fobi. So this illustration is a visual conversion of his music.


Quick question round:

HG: One track you’re currently listening to?

Raven Song (Wu Wei Remix) – Elephant Revival

HG: An artwork you wished you did?

I don’t really want anybody’s art to be mine. I would rather take inspiration and illustrate better.

I wish I was a part of Ozora Art camp last year.

HG: Your go-to munchies?

Uncle chips

HG: Paint or wacom bamboo?

I love pen and paper.

Follow her on Behance.

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