#HGArtProject 019: An Interview With Sahaj Talwar

#HGArtProject 019: An Interview With Sahaj Talwar

Sahaj studied Design at MIT Institute of Design in Pune, where he shares it was the interaction with fellow students - more than the design studies - that taught him the most. Post that, he went to Bombay and worked with Grandmother India, moved on to Delhi where he took up work with Fisheye Design and Infonauts but somewhere along the line, he realised that he couldn’t create freely during a specific 10-6 time frame. Hence, he took his first steps out into the freelancing world, something he continues to do till today.


I.     What are some of your biggest inspirations over the years of your artistic career?

I think music, more than anything else, always inspires me to create something. It started in school with Metallica and Iron Maiden, and led to me painting dragons on my bedroom wall. Each successive phase of life has led to the addition of a different kind of sound, and subsequently a different set of brain visuals. Everything I make is a juxtaposition of experience and feeling, and both of these are largely enhanced by the music that I am listening to in a particular phase. Some Bands/Artists that have really let the brain juice flow over the years have been Pink Floyd, The Doors, Kings of Convenience, Astrix, Carbon Based Lifeforms, RHCP.

II.     Could you tell us more about the thought process behind the artwork you made us?

Well, I had just gotten back from Leh, and the mountains really stuck with me. I also wanted to visualise the sense of discovery that Homegrown enables, and the amazing things that such discoveries uncover. I guess I wanted to show the hard work done in the industry through the factories that turn mountains into diamonds. The smoke represents collateral damage which is inevitable.

III.     Who are some of the most inspirational artists for you, in India and abroad? 

In India - Sameer Kulavoor, Rahul Dutta, Anushree Kapoor. Abroad - Moebius, Salvador Dali, Kentaro Miura.

IV.     If you could work with the Indian government for an art project that you get to suggest and lead, what would that be?

It would be a ‘paint the city’ project, where I would gather artists from all over the country and we’d paint wall murals everywhere.

V.     What are your future plans? Any projects you would like to kick off or possibly work for a big art house?

I am considering trying my hand at something different, like advertising. But no concrete plans as of yet.

VI.     Could you share 3 of your best designs and elaborate on each one of them?


A. Barsoom Interior Artwork - Is an artwork I did for the tribal space lounge Barsoom in Hauz Khas Village, and is on a 20ft by 5ft wall inside the lounge. The owners wanted something based on the concept of ‘Barsoom’ or ‘Mars in fictional terms’ from Edgar Rice Burrough’s novel ‘A Princess of Mars’. So I created my own version of the red planet, in landscape view. It is one of the most satisfying artworks I have ever created.


B. Movember Artwork - Was used as the cover for MTV Noise Factory, November 2011 Issue. I always wanted to create something with a moustache, and movember was my opportunity to do just that.


C. Spacesauce Logo - The logo for my own freelance project, spacesauce. I had to create an identity for myself that would reflect my illustrative style and affinity for outerspace. I feel like I was successfully able to do that.

VII. Quick question round:

- One track you’re currently listening to?

Rainman by Erlend Øye

- An artwork you wished you did?

Any frame in Cowboy Bebop’s animated title sequence.

- An art project you wish you were a part of?

Painted Walls Project by Colossal Media for Banksy

- Your favourite munchies?

Nutella cookies

- Paint or wacom bamboo?

Wacom bamboo 

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