How 8 Of Our Favourite Indian Artists Took On #Inktober 2017 [Vol. I]

How 8 Of Our Favourite Indian Artists Took On #Inktober 2017 [Vol. I]

What started as a challenge that artist Jake Parker took on in 2009 in a bid to improve his own skills has over the years become a global tradition, of sorts, that brings together artists and designers across genre’s under the banner of ‘Inktober.’ 31 illustrations in 31 days is the challenge that people — whether you’re a budding young artist or an industry veteran — strive hard to complete. The incredible part about Inktober has to be the myriad of artistic voices, styles and aesthetics that we get to witness in this month-long tribute to art and inspiration.

As the curtain falls on one of our favourite times of the year we looked through the work of young Indian artists across the nation that were a part of Inktober 2017 in an attempt to pick our favourite pieces, and it truly was a difficult task. With an array of stunning drawings, doodles, illustrations and mixed-media works, we had a formidable collection of artistic works that touched upon numerous topics — from light-hearted visualisations of movie dialogues to feminism, body image, and detailed illustrations of Gods of different faiths. Through the month we’ve gotten to see the world through the kaleidoscopic lens of creative minds, and after some serious deliberation, and immense marvelling, we’ve selected some of our favourite works of Inkotber India 2017.

Lakshmi Narayanan
Yashada Wagle
Isha Yadav
Rashi Chandra
Sonia K
Ashutosh Karhale

VIII. Swatart


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