How An Indian 3D Artist Is Creating Digital Worlds With Sci-Fi, Fashion, & Identity

How An Indian 3D Artist Is Creating Digital Worlds With Sci-Fi, Fashion, & Identity

Akanksha Jain’s 3D artwork is transporting us to a futuristic dreamworld — serving interplanetary realness, digital fashion, and POC representation in an alternate reality. Breaking into the 3D landscape, the artist is more than a one-hit-wonder. Beneath the looping animations and slick cyborgs lie undertones of representation in the digital sphere — spanning themes like identity, body positivity and female empowerment.

The Mumbai-based artist currently works as a design strategist for clients across industries like gaming, fashion, retail and FMCG. Jain’s artistic journey has been all about tying her multifaceted skillsets and passion for designing together. The young artist started off her journey into digital art as a 3D generalist; making 3D artwork as a part of branding projects. Although still relatively new to the field, she is working towards propelling a new wave of 3D art into the realms of fashion, photography, sci-fi films, and architecture, which are also major inspirations for her artwork.

Walking us through the free-flowing ideation process behind her work, one cannot fail to notice the subtle nuances and fascinating storytelling that influences her work. Juxtaposing imaginative illustrations and human identities in a tangible frame, the 3D artist is one of the many digital creators working towards creating an immersive future.

“I’m not intentionally trying to stick to a style of art per se while I’m creating. To me that knowledge is very liberating and it motivates me to create what I feel in the moment. A lot of my artwork tends to revolve around surreal landscapes, imagined garments, locations, human identity, and feelings. I enjoy embedding subtle narratives while I’m creating art which lets me express myself through a certain manner of storytelling. It could be done through a very specific camera angle, via the use of lighting and posture and sometimes even a specific choice of texture. I allow these emerging themes to influence the overall look and feel of the artwork. Sometimes this means that I end up with happy accidents and that’s what makes the process so enjoyable to me.

— Akansha Jain on her creative process.

The innovative illustrator is presently working on bringing together sci-fi and traditional Indian visual identities in the digital dreamscapes of her art. What speaks to us about her art style is the conscious representation of POC characters in a positive light — be it digitalized Mugler models or inclusive body types models. Akanksha Jain represents a conscious creative vision, one that make concept art approachable to the general audience.

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