In Photos: The Extreme Heat Wave In India Is Deadly And It’s Melting Our Streets!

‘hot air, molten asphalt and dust storms are making life almost unbearable.’
“Inquiries reveal that most of them were working and were exposed to the heat. Dehydration and heat stroke caused the deaths.”

Here are some images that showcase just how bad things have gotten: 

The Asphalt melting off the roads due to the heat fImage Source : Gawker
Image Credit: Channi Anand / Associated Press
Image Credit: Saurabh Das /AP
Image Credit: Saurabh Das /AP
Image Credit: Bikas Das/ AP
Image Credit: Chandan-Khanna AFP Getty
Image Credit: Chandan Khanna AFP Getty
Image Credit: Dibgyanshu Sarkar AFP Getty
Image Credit: Piyal-Adhikari-EPA-Landry-1
Image Credit: Sanjay Kanojia /AFP /Getty Images
Image Credit: Saikat-Paul-/Pacific Press/Getty
Image Credit: Channi-Anand-AP
Image Credit: Altaf-Qadri-Associated-Press
Image Credit: Mahesh-Kumar A/AP

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