Indian Artists Sculpt Modernism At The ‘In The Round’ Exhibit

Droppings and The Dam
Droppings and The DamArunkumar H G

In the many artistic endeavours India celebrates, one of the most underrated is that of sculpture. We may treasure the many ancient motifs of Ellora or Elephanta, but modern sculptors often find that the renown they’ve achieved abroad fails to translate in an Indian context. Anu Bajaj, Director of Gallery Art Positive is attempting to change this by hosting five famed sculptors from around the country for a show curated by Anupa Mehta called ‘In The Round’.

On display will be works by Jagannath Panda, Karl Antao, GR Iranna, Arun Kumar and Ravinder Reddy all of which will ‘express the artists’ traditional sensibilities, human emotions, and the context of urbanization’. Though they’ll all revolve around a central theme, each artist is approaching it from a very personal space with a variety of materials, mediums and forms.

For example, GR Iranna is presenting a series that dissects the intracacies of human nature, while Karl Antao’s life-size wooden creations are sure to take your breath away. Jagannath Panda has chosen to play on India’s burgeoning development and capture modernity in art. Arunkumar HG is best known for his creation ‘Droppings and The Dam’, an indictment of modern waste created from thousands of bottle caps sourced from the worlds oceans. According to Anu Bajaj “Through this exhibition we are presenting a newer way of seeing. The selected artists have worked in different mediums and created new forms and textures which give the unprecedented experience of moving around the work of art,”

When: Until March 15, 2018

Where: Gallery Art Positive, Lado Sarai, New Delhi.

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