Inside Too Sid’s Creative Universe Of Deconstructed Everyday Things

Inside Too Sid’s Creative Universe Of Deconstructed Everyday Things

In the last year particularly, I’ve been obsessed with artists who have been pushing the mould and redefining the way we consume and partake in art.

Sidhant Gandhi who goes by the pseudonym Too Sid has emerged as a particularly interesting artist who has created an artistic universe of his own. His stylistic creative grammar makes his work easily recognisable and makes you think beyond its initial pop-art-esque feel. If I were to define his work in three words? Free, bold and imaginative.

To understand the creative process behind some of his best works and his NFT endeavour Sid Bazaar, we had a conversation with the creative.

Homegrown: Can you start off by telling us a little about yourself and your background in art?

Sidhant Gandhi: I’m an accidental artist who’s been working around design and art for about 12 years now. I’ve done pretty much everything but I started off with a T-shirt painting company and moved on to helping to define the creative identity for global companies, music festivals, offices, applications, Netflix originals, music videos and now animated shows.

HG: What inspired you to start creating and what keeps your creative juices flowing?

Sid: I’m a school dropout so I’ve always had to hit and learn everything I’ve done so far. I don’t believe in creative juices as a concept. I believe creativity stems out of the process, so I just try and be disciplined enough to show up at work every day. If you base your creativity on inspiration you’ll always be hanging. But if you make a routine, your head conditions itself to be creative every minute.

HG: If you had to describe your artistic sensibilities in a sentence. What would it be?
Sid: Too much, too Sid.

HG: With Scatterbrain earlier this year and now your upcoming NFT Endeavour Sid Bazaar your art constantly transcends medium and has an experimentative feel to it. Can you talk to us a little about that?

Sid: As an artist if I have to stick to one style for the rest of my life how is that any different from doing paperwork at a bank? I want to explore as many styles as possible. Creating a unique visual style is fairly easy to achieve. The task is to achieve a unique style in terms of voice or storytelling. Regardless of whatever medium I use or the artwork, installation, or animation you see from me you should be able to recognise my voice in it. That’s the goal.

HG: With what you’ve put up for ‘Sid Bazaar’ so far, it has a very pop art-esque feel to it. What can we expect to see?
Sid: I’m going to create the first departmental store in the Metaverse. I’ve uploaded about 50 products so far. So people can buy NFTs of those, each NFT comes with physical products and prints with some other great merch. There are exciting collaborations with some known brands and social influencers which I’ll release soon. Overall, I don’t know what I’m going to release because I’m constantly trying to improve what I put out.

HG: The creative landscape is ever-evolving and NFTs are the new kid on the block. What’s your take on the current homegrown creative landscape?
Sid: We’re at the start of a revolutionary era. NFTs have brought a whole new dimension to the art space. I think the time for designers to take the centre stage is here. For years we’ve helped bad content look better. Now that we’ve got a medium to monetise our stories directly, I don’t think there’s any stopping us.

HG: What’s your go-to song right now?
Sid: Love is the message - Yussef Dayes and Alfa Mist.

HG: What are you trying to achieve as an artist?
Sid: To explain my own cosmogony (the science that deals with the origin of the universe).

HG: How does 2022 look for you?
Sid: Too soon Sam, too soon.

You can checkout Too Sid’s work here.

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