Journals, Totes & Handy Planners: Ria Mohta’s Illustrated Merch Brims With Vibrancy

Journals, Totes & Handy Planners: Ria Mohta’s Illustrated Merch Brims With Vibrancy

Instagram is my go-to dopamine outlet, not only to amuse myself with a barrage of cat memes and friends and family’s visual updates, but also as a source of new and inspiring art. I love the process of skimming through an artist’s feed - one which acts like a portal into their imaginative world. Squiggly caricatures, colourful spasms, and interesting takes that bring out the artist’s ideas and individuality in all that they create.

A cursory look through Maharashtra-based brand designer, illustrator, and architect Ria Mohta a.k.a. Artisan’s Arbor’s Instagram is sure to bring you joy as you engage with the pop of vibrant colours that define her artwork.

Her distinctive style of representing everyday people and core memories into detailed digital drawings move the viewer through a striking style of narration and emotion building. Each portrait commission of customised merch is meticulously created with artistic intent for the observer to connect beyond the surface and add their own meaning to the illustrations.

Looking at her work, it comes as a surprise that her career as an illustrator incidentally started when she was pursuing her undergrad in architecture because that is when she developed a strong passion for visual arts and design. Since then she has acquired new skills, experimented with her creative style, and also hosted her first prop shop at the age of 20. She has also designed a Snapchat filter for a college and has founded the design initiative, Pen and Chai.

Ria has an appropriately colourful range of merch that is anything but boring. Add a little sunshine to your life with a unique range of tasteful tote bags for your grocery runs, wall calendars and desk planners for the productive schedule you’ve been planning, or even some quirky fridge magnets to keep your kitchen looking lively at all times.

Perfect for anyone looking for an instant happiness hit, Mohta’s merch is just the right of art to keep you inspired and appreciative of the little things in life.

View her work here.

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